Fancy Recruiting... With the Basics in Mind.

iPhoneI'm passionate about a few things... My family, my work, and not being bored. So it's important to me that I try to do everything I can to keep things fresh and exciting... to really push every aspect of the things I like so that they're always at their best - or most productive. One of the things that I think are important under the banner of family is my health.

So I'm back into my rhythm at the gym. Trying out new things and making sure that I'm not on any specific or hard-core plan - the idea being to keep the body guessing and the workouts fun.

Yesterday's workout was nothing but sets of Bridge work.
RecruiterGuy Bridge Front Bridge
Side Bridge
One Leg Front Bridge
Uni Glute Bridge
Side Bridge & Abduction
Twisting Bridge
Front Bridge (w/Ball)
Knee In Side Bridge
Uni Glute Bridge (w/Ball)
Alternating Bridge

Nothing fancy, right? Nothing major.
But at the end of the workout, just ~45 minutes later, I felt like I'd moved a mountain. And I was reminded of something...
The basics are always there. And they're effective.

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