Farewell from a Summer Intern at Sendouts

Written by Taylor


Hey Everybody,


Wow my last day as an intern already. Only two and a half months ago I was touring the office with Brian and trying to learn everyone’s name.


My parents have told me that every job is valuable whether you love it or hate it because each new experience teaches you something about yourself. At age 18 my summer as a cherry picker taught me the hardships of manual labor and the value of higher education. At age 19 and 20 my summers as a bank teller taught me to avoid contact with the general public and the benefits of having good people skills.


Looking back over my summer at Sendouts, so many lessons stand out that I have decided to create a countdown of the top five:


5) Suits and ties are forbidden from tech companies

4) Proximity to tasty lunch spots is essential

3) A well stocked snack cabinet doesn’t last long

2) The mute button is a support team’s best friend

1) Office happy hours last longer than an hour


All jokes aside, I am most grateful that my internship at Sendouts has provided me with an appreciation for good company culture.

Everyone wants to work in a positive environment, which is why this might have seemed like a no-brainer to someone who has spent time in the business world. However, at the beginning of this summer I didn’t know the meaning of work culture.  I may have heard of company culture in passing, but the only way I understood a career was in terms of the position, hours, prestige, and salary.


I began to comprehend the significance of a good company culture from the very first day at Sendouts.  As an intern I expected to a degree that I would fetch someone’s coffee or pick up their dry cleaning, but throughout the internship I have felt less like a summer intern and more like a contributing member of the company.


People at Sendouts gave off a positive vibe from the moment I was introduced. Coworkers said hi even though I wore headphones incessantly, they regularly extended invitations to eat lunch together, and graciously added an element of humor to my title as “the intern.”  I can say with confidence that I have enjoyed working at Sendouts as a direct result of the generosity and friendliness I experienced here on a daily basis.


Thank you for teaching me the importance of good company culture and making an honest effort to get to know me this summer. I look forward to see you all again on Friday afternoons this Fall.


Your Seasonal Intern,




This post originally appeared at www.sendouts.com.

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Comment by Noel Cocca on August 12, 2011 at 12:44pm

Stay in touch Taylor...and good luck!


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