Find more niche candidates with this simple technique

Searching for candidates with specific job titles can be a nightmare as there are often 100s of ways of describing exactly the same role.

Over the last year we’ve looked at several thousand searches and in each case, Recruiters are missing out on a straightforward technique to find more candidates.

Take “PHP Developer” for example. Every time we ever see a search looking for this, or any other kind of Developer, it will contain “PHP Developer”, then maybe a couple of other variations.

What’s never present is “Developer PHP”. A quick check on LinkedIn shows that adding this into your search will increase your candidate pool by 11% – a substantial increase for one small tweak.

On top of that, because the vast majority of Recruiters aren’t searching like this, the extra 11% are less likely to have been contacted than “PHP Developer” candidates – so more chance of engagement and getting them placed.

The reason why you achieve such good results with this technique is that a significant number of candidates will present their title and follow it with their key skill / area of expertise.

All of the below candidates were picked up simply by typing “Developer PHP” as LinkedIn will automatically exclude special characters and commonly appearing words such as ‘with’.

So there it is, a quick intro on how to find more niche candidates simply. Happy sourcing!

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Comment by Nicholas Meyler on December 21, 2016 at 1:59am

Permutations are always worth investigating. Fundamental logic of combinatorics. Good point! By the way, according to the email and nicely-designed certificate I received from "AI Magazine", my company won the (or a) "Niche Recruiter of the Year 2016" award. Did anyone else win this? Please let me know if so, because I always suspect a scam when I win awards... I learned from my 2nd cousin 2x removed Norman Borlaug, who was informed that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, and refused to believe it, until the Nobel Committee contacted his mother, who relayed the message to him. So, I'm still kinda skeptical, but I hope it's true... Nonetheless, winning the "Niche Recruitment" award is a little strange, since my name is "Nicheless" (or something similar to that).

Comment by Nicholas Meyler on December 21, 2016 at 7:29pm

Wingate Dunross, Inc. wins AI Magazine's "Niche Recruiting Firm of the Year 2016" Award !


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