Finding a Needle in a Haystack for Recruiters

When a company's success is measured, most only look at platitudes, such as the depth of one's pockets or the profitability of products/services. Oftentimes, the recruitment process fails to get the recognition it deserves when it comes to a company's success. People who you bring on board can make or break your business. Their talents and ideas can help propel your company to where it needs to be while any shortcomings can lead to a stunt in growth. The pressures of hiring people, sadly, can be far more complex than people may imagine. With dozens of resumes and CVs landing on your desk and many more on on your email account, the right candidates become elusive needles in the corporate haystack. Here's five tips on how to hire the right talent for your company.

Write Good Job Postings

If your job posting has many errors, inaccuracies, or missing information, you'll likely attract the wrong candidates. Talented individuals know what they are looking for in a job posting. If they see something poorly constructed, they might get deterred from responding to your job posting, regardless of the job opportunity and perks you were actually looking to offer. A recent study published in Wall Street Journal shows that candidates responded better to job ads that illustrated opportunities for candidate growth. Statements like "we seek to offer employees with training for professional growth" and "you will have several opportunities to work on important projects" had better responses than those filtering candidates based on demands and abilities.

Do a Financial Check

This doesn't necessarily mean you should start discriminating those with bad credit scores. A quick financial background check, nonetheless, can give you insight on the lifestyle and circumstances of your candidates. It tells you if they are financially disciplined and organized. Someone who joins the company just for the sake of stable income will find himself/herself outperformed by those who are actually looking to do something in the industry. Reading this credit people review, you can see the pros and cons of services that help you find any lingering bad credit issues with applicants. See if they have insurance covering their possessions including health, car, and household. This signifies financial acuity and trustworthiness, which is especially important if you are hiring for a finance-related position.

Test Them On the Spot

No matter how good a professional is on paper, you can never really tell how well he/she will do on the field. Testing them on the spot is a good way to gauge their skill and competence. For instance, if you are hiring a web developer or a software designer, ask them to write code that solves a particular problem. Aside from competence, this also tests how well the individual performs under pressure. Do they crack under pressure or do they stay level-headed and able to approach the problem systematically?

Integrate Them Right Away

There's cases wherein you go to extreme lengths just to hire someone good but then few months later they're out of the company. A study shows that the problem in some cases is that talented individuals are not fully oriented and integrated into the company. They get bored and start looking for better career prospects on which to use their skills and passion. Once you hire a good candidate, involve them in the company as much as possible, from giving them a detailed orientation to having them shadow more experienced professionals.

Know Where to Look

There's only few channels from where to find candidates, but focusing on the wrong one can certainly prolong the hiring process and potentially pair you with the wrong talent pool. According to, for tech-related job positions you need harness the power of social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to find good candidates. For labor jobs, on the other hand, a more appropriate channel would be through word-of-mouth or hiring agencies.

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Comment by Tasneem M on December 8, 2016 at 10:52pm
While I concur with the elements- engaging job posting , pre-employment testing,strategic onboarding- presented to attract, fill and retain quality talent, I believe financial check is relevant if it is job related and, additionally, may not be a valid predictor of performance for certain positions. As an example, our company had an opening for a Front-End Developer, where demand exceeds supply. After conducting extensive search, we found an excellent candidate with hands-on experience and skills aligned to the job requirements . After the offer had been extended, the potential employee presented to HR her concern of poor credit history which , in essence, was the result of poor financial planning of her former spouse. Since her programming skills were exceptional , HR overlooked the credit history and she went on to be an invaluable part of the team receiving accolades for her work. So, while credit check is pertinent for a finance related role, it should not be the deciding factor for other roles where the candidate satisfies the requirements to function well at his/her job.


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