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How Entrepreneurs Can Solve Challenges of Low Employee Retention

Employees can quit for a lot of different reasons, but entrepreneurs are the ones that  feel those losses more keenly than the larger entrenched businesses. For the most part, entrepreneurs employ far fewer employees, which means every employee carries more organizational knowledge. If an employee quits at a big box retail…


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How Facebook Videos Could Help You Attract Big Talent

It's no secret that with more people engaged than ever on Facebook, businesses are turning to that avenue to bring in more customers and get their products out there. But now businesses of all sizes are starting to look at Facebook as a way to bring in skilled employees to their workforce.



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The Pros and Cons of Automating Your HR Processes

Currently, a lot of human resources departments are automating their HR processes. This has brought about mixed fortunes in that there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with streamlining the HR processes via information and management systems. If you are considering automating your HR processes, you should take…


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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Project Manager

If you hire a good project manager, you will relax in the knowledge that your job is being taken care of in a productive, professional, and profitable manner. It saves you time and reduces your worries and stress levels. However, if you happen to hire the wrong professional, there will be time and money wastage and increased stress levels. Therefore, make use of the tips…


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Changes that Confirm the Unfortunate State of Employer Health Plans in the Country

The Republican GOP bill that seeks to repeal and replace various important parts of the Affordable Care Act poses a real threat to the healthcare plans provided by the employers. About 154 million Americans who are younger than 65 years of age receive coverage through their work or a family member's employer. However, the number the people receiving health…


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The Future of Healthcare in Business

Perhaps the most important industry that exists is healthcare. Healthcare, by and large, is what determines whether a person lives a quality life free of pain or not. In certain circumstances, healthcare determines if a person lives or dies. Healthcare is something that has evolved over centuries from the folk remedies of ancient times up to the cutting edge technology doctors and surgeons use today to save lives.


Healthcare is…


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The Hardest Decisions To Make As An HR Professiona

lA career in HR can be an extremely rewarding one. However, the very nature of the job ensures there will be a lot of difficult choices you must face, especially if you are an HR manager. The reason HR managers often face more difficult decisions than other managers in a company is because HR decisions influence the lives of real people, and can even ruin them. Therefore, HR professionals are often the ones to make the toughest decisions at a company, and they must…


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7 Fresh Ways To Increase Company Engagement

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any company. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and it can be costly to lose top talent. In fact, research suggests that employee turnover can cost as…


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How To Avoid Developing Burned Out Employees

Any manager knows that if employees are not properly recognized and compensated, their performance will go downhill. Employee burnout is a huge issue in the modern workplace, and many organizations are putting effort into combating it. It can be difficult to prevent burnout and many managers struggle to keep their employees stimulated. Here are some ideas that take a modern approach to fighting employee burnout.

Let your employees know they're…


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5 HR Tips Every Company Can Learn from Japanese Business

The Japanese industry is a major competitor, a customer, and a supplier to European and American companies. What American HR managers don't know is that there is a lot to learn…


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SMB Advice: Getting the Best ROI on Your Employee Insurance

Many small and medium sized businesses often struggle with the concept of employee insurance. Most importantly, getting the best return on investment from specific employee benefits can be challenging. Think about it, it's even harder to determine the actual ROI on these benefits. For instance, how do you tell whether shifting the workday a couple of hours had any measurable impact on your team's productivity? What about the yoga class your employees took last week, did it…


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Benefits to Small Businesses for Offering Health Insurance for Employees

As a small business owner, you might not currently offer health insurance for your employees. This isn't something that is required, so it's certainly understandable why you might not offer this perk. Plus, you might have always assumed that it would be expensive to offer health insurance to employees. However, even if you haven't given it much thought in the past, you may want to reconsider your position. These are a few reasons why it can be worth it for small business…


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How to Build a Company That Will Attract Applicants

Most businesses would agree that recruitment is costly and time consuming because finding the right person can be quite difficult. The 2014 Federal Government Budget has allocated $2.1 billion over the span of ten years for recruiting and retaining Australian Defense Force Personnel alone. Even the higher end of the market,…


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Hiring for a position? Here's how to increase your application submissions.

Hiring the right candidate for a job opening is often a lengthy, frustrating process. In some cases, you may not find any qualified candidates despite weeks of searching. In other cases, you may extend multiple offers to candidates that ultimately are turned down. You may even hire a few professionals and quickly let them go…


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How to Become a Top Choice Employer

As the economy continues an upward trajectory, it's becoming harder for some employers to secure top-end employees. While there's only so much you can do in terms of salary, there are options for those who want to become top choice employers. These options emphasize working with what your business already has and seeking out creative solutions that are more likely to attract good employees. Most of what can be done truly requires a business to look at its current assets and…


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3 Tips to Help Employees Feel Valued at Work

Everyone wants to feel valued and to know that their hard work is appreciated. If you want to keep your employees, you should learn how to give recognition to their efforts and for a job well done. A workplace environment wherein employees feel valued, not just as workers but as a person, can lead to more productivity and satisfaction. By boosting morale and increasing workplace efficiency, appreciating your employees can lead to more satisfied customers and ultimately,…


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Becoming a Top Contender for Employee's Top Choice

Having great employees is one of the biggest factors for a successful practice. The right dental staff will improve the practice by creating customer values, managing appointments, and maintaining operational needs. However, finding top talent in the dentist industry is easier said than done. Because of the competitiveness of the dental marketplace, candidates research dentist offices as much as they are researched by the potential employer. Thus, in order to attract the best…


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This is How You Recruit the Best Real Estate Agents

As the American housing market continues to improve, real estate brokerages are trying to attract top real estate talent to handle business in 2017, a year that many housing analysts are predicting will be the best of the last 10 years.


Excellent realtors hold the keys to real…


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Building a Top-Notch Inside Sales Workforce

When you're just getting started as an entrepreneur, you'll most likely fill a number of roles, including director of both sales and marketing. According to, as your organization grows, one of the first departments you'll want to add personnel to is your sales force. Drumming up new business is your first priority.

In order to grow your…


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Expand Your Real Estate Business Through Top Recruits

Contrary to what many people believe, real estate does not sell itself; people sell real estate, and it takes the right kind of individual to succeed in this competitive field. If you are the owner or principal of a real estate or mortgage business, you need to associate yourself with the right people.…


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