Forging a Healthy Recruiting Process

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare industry are expected to see an exponential period of growth through 2024.

Part of the reason for this is that older healthcare professionals are going to be retiring, while younger professionals will be entering the market.

A big reason for the push in younger healthcare professionals entering the market is healthcare technology and advancements in medical science.

What This Means for Healthcare Recruiting

As a result of the expected influx of younger workers, healthcare companies and providers need to integrate technology into their recruiting efforts.

Professional networking and outreach to medical schools used to be some of the most effective routes to attracting younger medical professionals, but these days, everything from social media to experiential marketing could be better routes.

As with any type of recruiting, you want to go to where your candidates are, and for now, they're likely on the Internet.

Is Your Recruiting Process Consistent?

One problem that recruiters across almost all industries run into is inconsistent practices.

For example, a candidate applies for a position via a job board posting. This posting goes on and on about company culture, but when the candidate is brought in for the interview, he or she doesn't experience or witness any of the company culture that was bragged about in the posting.

In this small example, the process was not consistent, and that can end up hurting your company in more ways than one.

First of all, a qualified candidate may reject an offer due to this mismatch in presentation.

But, second, and even more detrimental, that candidate may then go online to sites like and to let other job seekers know about his or her experience.

This can then keep qualified candidates from even applying, and according to the article, "‘Always Be Recruiting' and Other Recruiting Tips Your Practice Needs," many healthcare companies already have to spend more than 100 days to fill positions.

Should Recruiting Be Handled In-House?

Another thing to consider when working on a recruiting strategy is whether it is worth it to handle things on your own.

Many healthcare professionals are extremely busy these days, and being flooded with hundreds of online applications can make it impossible to get anything done if you're determined to review each one.

Another option may be to work with a recruiting professional who has the time and experience to focus on your business or medical practice.

By partnering with a recruiting firm, you not only get targeted, qualified applicants, but you also free up time to focus on patient health and satisfaction.

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About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include human resources development and recruiting.

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