Since we all love hearing stories, I figured I'd share this one.  When I say this is fresh, I am talking about 8 minutes ago.  2 Weeks ago, I have a new client approach me, they were referred from a client of a client.  I love those.  Anyways, they have a fulltime need, and I tell them I can definetly help them.  Between you and me, it sounds like an awesome job in an awesome city.  I promplty get 5 very well qualified candidates over to them. 


1 of these candidates, strikes me as a little "strong" in his demeanor.  Very insistant that he talk the facility to explain himself and what he is looking for.  I explain that ultimately that is the process, he would have a phone interivew first and then onsite if he is chosen.  I explained to him the midpoint salary for this position was $30 an hour.  I explained that typically that means, low point is $25 and high point is $35.  He explained that he really interested in $37 and up but is so  interested in the location and position that he is open.  So I filed this away in my mental rolodex of issues that may come up.  He does fit the job perfectly so I think he is a strong candidate.


I was told Monday that they would let me know which of the 5 candidates they want to interview Wednesday, so in anticipation of this, I talk to all 5 and make sure they are all eager and interested and available.  Of course all 4 are very happy to hear from me and very interested.  Except one.  When I called this candidate, his response to my question of if he is still interested is the following.  "I'm would only be interested if the money is right".  So of course I asked, what is the right money?  Upper 30's, $38-$39 an hour.  I once again explained that I don't believe that is in the equation but I will bring up your concerns. 


Get a call from the client 30 minutes ago, they want to interview a candidate I love and this guy.  I share my concerns that I think this candidate is only looking for a raise from current employer but regardless is only interested in the pay range he mentioned.  As expected, that pay range is to high and the client asks me to see if he is open to the stated pay range.


So I call up this candidate, explain they would like to interview him but only if he is interested in the pay range we talked about, on the max side of $33-$34 which is what I had explained all along.  He reiterates that he is not interested in that pay range so I told him I will let them know.   I explain to him that I have a lot of clients in the area he lives in and the area he is looking to move to and I'd love to work with him in the future to which he blurts out


Candidate-"what!!?? I don't get to interview with them?. 

(ME) "Well no, you are not interested in the payrange and they don't want to waste your time or theirs". 

Candidate-"I told you from the beginning that I wanted to talk to them.....I didn't want to waste my time, are you telling me I just wasted my time". 

Me-I calmy explain that I dont' see the point of him interviewing if he is not willing to entertain a lower pay range. 

Candidate Again "I told you from the beginning that I wanted to speak to them on the phone". 

(ME) "That's not going to happen now"

Candidate -"Thanks for wasting my fucking time!  click!


I can't make this stuff up...absolutely amazing as I have clients that would pay what he wants in the area.  I've never had someone so insistant on interviewing even when he has no interest in job due to pay. 



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Comment by Amber on September 24, 2012 at 3:37pm

Glad your client wasn't interested in that type of deal - I've been winnowing our client list this past year to get rid of any that have more cons than pros when it comes to working with them. It is terrific when your client stands behind you. I had one earlier this year that called to let me a candidate who had turned down an offer (after several negotiations) last year had called the hiring manager and said he now did want to come work for them. Client asked my thoughts and would it be o.k. with us - and that they would send us a check as soon as he started!

Comment by Andrew Hanneman on September 24, 2012 at 3:44pm

nice, yeah I suspected as much when he was adamant that he was the only thing that made sense. 

Comment by Caitlin Carruthers on September 25, 2012 at 6:59pm

Sounds like you've dodged a bullet on this one!!


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