There's something said for tradition. I'm sitting here late Christmas day 2009 pondering the day that was, and honestly, it was pretty special. My kids, my wife, my parents and my sister really rocked for me. Seeing the day through my kids eye's is just amazing, the wonder, the joy and the excitement, just give me goose bumps, even now thinking back on it. Photo's will come... promise.

All this wonder aside, there were a few moments which caused me to pause and think.

Fruit Loops! That's right... Fruit Loops got me thinking.

When I was a boy (yes, anther of those) we didn't have the fancy smancy breakfast cereals at our house, apart from one day a year. Christmas day ensured that those fruit flavoured circles of sugar came out of the cupboard to make sure us kids had enough sugar in our systems to handle the full day. This has become the stuff of family legend. My sister and I still copycat this ritual with our own families (FYI, my kids and wife don't like them... more for me!) Even if we are out for breakfast with a great buffet, I will find a way to have my fix.

Tomorrow is another day of tradition for me. I will attend the boxing day test with my Dad and some friends, something I have been doing for the better part of 15 years. It's a cricket match for the uninitiated.

There's something to be said for tradition. That feeling of entitlement, the warm feeling met expectations, the memory sensory triggering feelings from childhood etc. I love it. It is all good! if it wasn't, well it wouldn't become a tradition, would it?

Funnily enough you can ring this through for Recruitment. Things have been done in a similar fashion for a long long time. It's comfortable, predictable and successful. You need to fall back on this when all else fails, try traditional things like actually talking to people, getting on the phone, getting the brief right, meeting the candidate, finding out the strengths and weakness' and presenting accordingly. You can use all the fancy smancy tools you like to enhance the experience and to increase the talent pools, but not don't forget the basics, the traditional stuff.

I hope you all have had a great Christmas and a sensational 2010.

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