Gaps in Security: Most Common Vulnerabilities in Business Today

As technology becomes integrated into every business process, there are security vulnerabilities created as well. As advancing and convenient as most technology is, these gaps in security can greatly hurt a business if cyber-criminals decide to target you. Your own company should work to eliminate these IT vulnerabilities through following the three strategies below.

Mobile Security
Mobile security technology is still catching up to most mobile device advancements. As a result, hackers have more loopholes and opportunities to infiltrate mobile platforms. For example, many mobile devices lack authentication passwords to protect sensitive data. The most common security measure is a four digit PIN. However, the simplicity of this code allows mobile devices to be easily cracked. On the other hand, not all sensitive mobile transactions involve two-factor authentication. For example, if an employee accesses a financial app to make a transaction, they will usually only be asked to repeat their password. With two-factor authentication, it will require the user to pass a secondary security question. In addition, company networks and software should be programmed to automatically verify the mobile device users’ identify through embedded manufacturing identification factors.

Corporate Espionage
Most random hackers simply want to steal confidential information to sell on the black market for temporary identify theft purposes. However, there are also hackers and even long-term employees who will only want to steal industrial information. This could be proprietary formulas, innovative technology, and intellectual property. This is especially concerning for companies that deal with innovative products and services, such as IT services, military manufacturers, and even fashion design. Therefore, the malware used by these hackers tend to be harder to detect. On the other hand, employees or visitors may use social engineering techniques in order to elicit confidential security information so they can steal valuable data from the system. Employees must be continually reminded and trained about security awareness to stop these kinds of problems.

Many companies use free Wi-Fi in order to attract customers into the store. Of course, their own internal wireless network will be protected. However, not all wireless transmissions are properly encrypted. For example, emails sent from a mobile device is normally not encrypted during the transition process. Additionally, many common software programs do not encrypt the data that is sent and received over the network. As a result, this data can be intercepted and stolen. You should have IT services in Ottawa ensure that open and closed Wi-Fi systems both have excellent security software programs. These programs and managed services in Ottawa often also provide monitoring services that will help managers prohibit certain activities and improve productivity. 

To recap, some of the most concerning security vulnerabilities for businesses include mobile technology, corporate espionage and wireless technology. Use these areas to find better techniques and ideas for protecting information and keeping your technology foolproof.

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