Get Primal With Your Recruiting Instinct

How to Successfully Use That Instinct

Have you ever interviewed a candidate and in the back of your mind thought there was just something you could not put your finger on that was not right? If you have been in the recruitment field for some time I'm sure you have.
Many recruiters don't follow their instinct or gut and move forward with the candidate only to find out that once the candidate gets to the hiring manager or worse is hired and they do not work out. It is up to us to follow our instinct and trust our judgment.

As people readers it is our job to pull the bad and keep the good. It's not to say that one or two won't slip by us, I sure have had my share that have. It is our job to eliminate the risk, if you are unsure it is better to pass that person on and let the next person know what your reservations are. If you don't want to "taint" the interview with your perception after the hiring manager interviews the candidate, ask about the areas you were unsure about, discuss them, and make the decision together. If you keep your thoughts to yourself and the person is hired and find out about issues with the candidate, you'll be walking around the office for months saying to yourself "I knew it". Knowing it means nothing when you did not do something about it.

Hiring is a decision made by all parties and you have to work together to find the right candidate, for the right position, at the right time. Your instinct as a recruiter plays a big part of that. Use it and if you are unsure, follow-through. Don't second guess yourself.

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