Getting geared for a job change or promotion

Gone are the days when a working professional would spend 30 years of his career in one company, in the same job. Today’s fast paced generation is all about climbing the success ladder and getting ahead. People are constantly trying to upgrade and update their knowledge and skills so that they don’t get left behind. Just being good at what you do is no longer going to cut it. If you want a jet setting career, a well paying job, seniority in your company and perks to match, you will have to do a lot more to step up your game.

Today’s era is all about multitasking. And handling multiple things at once simply cannot happen if there isn’t efficient time management and resource handling. People management too is a lot more complicated today, than it probably was 10 years ago. It is not uncommon for a 30 something senior manager to go in for Executive MBA course, to get the edge in his career. In today’s competitive world, there is always someone younger, more dynamic and hardworking out there who can do what you do for probably less. How to make yourself important to the organization? How to get ready for a new job where the paycheque is higher and growth is a lot more? How to get your seniors to notice you, so that they consider you when it is time for that big promotion?  Read on to know more:

Being a task master and being deadline oriented are great things. They will always be counted as strong weapons in your career arsenal. However, to have a more distinguishing personality, you need to go the extra mile. Apart from completing your task on time and doing it well, it is important to show more interest in the company, the product, the service and the people. Doing what you are told to do is great, but doing something extra is fantastic. Do you have an idea on how a new market segment can be approached? Can you think of a strategy approach that will reduce the company overheads while increasing the productivity? Can you help groom an intern and help him make the most of his stint in your company?

When you show the motivation to learn new tasks, to take on more than you were asked and to come up with new ideas, which will benefit the company performance and the company culture, your seniors will have no choice but to give you a shining star, whether it is in the form of a promotion, a pay raise or some perks.

Being successful and being authentic go hand in hand. The above suggestions do not advocate that you go through your career by stepping on other people’s toes or by taking credit where you know you don’t deserve it. Acknowledging praise will work to your advantage, but always trying to claim it or snatch it will probably do the opposite.

With so much time being spent at work, not getting along with your colleagues is probably more problematic than not getting along with your family. While politics and nepotism may exist at all levels in most of the organizations, being nice and polite will always win you brownie points as a manager.

Going for a professional course like Executive MBA will help you groom into a more skilful manager and leader. The most successful people aren’t lone rangers. They know how to bring out the best in others and motivate them to put their best foot forward. A company grows and flourishes only when it has happy people working for it.      

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