We all have our bad days. Whether it is having to deal with that annoying co-worker who keeps stealing your pens or an overly aggressive customer who is disappointed with the product or service you have provided. The reality is most of us don’t have the courage to tell them exactly how we feel, let alone the capacity to show them. That is, unless you’re Steven Slater.

Steven Slater, a flight attendant frustrated with a passenger getting out of his seat while taxiing to the terminal and before the seatbelt fasten sign turned off, decided that this was the final straw. I guess he realized that life as a Flight Attendant was no longer the career path for him. He didn’t wait until his shift was over to go home and type up a letter of resignation to submit to his Supervisor like a logical person would. Instead, Slater went on a rant on the plane’s intercom, decided to grab a couple of cold beers, open the exit door and barrel down the emergency slide into freedom. Oh so he thought, until hours later the police show up at his door step to arrest him. His abrupt actions apparently prompted after a passenger cursed at and shoved or hit him when he was told to sit down. What a way to go out!

Have you felt such a level of frustration in your job that it took every ounce of you not to run out the door or fly off the handle? Were Slater’s actions completely overboard?

In the heat of the moment, Slater dealt with his job stress in a very unproductive manner in which has resulted in the loss of his job, and his freedom as he once knew it. From a professional perspective, he has instantly burned bridges with his long standing employer and demolished his airline career. I hope he isn’t counting on a glowing reference from JetBlue any time soon.

Some may say Slater’s actions may have enhanced his job prospects by giving him new found fame and a legion of supporters on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. With a Fan Page consisting of more than 140,000 followers in a few short days, do we have a celebrity in the making? Possibly a future Survivor contestant? Not only is Slater resourceful and brash, he has proven he can survive in a land of harsh conditions, and roaming wildlife all while remaining hydrated … All the makings of a Survivor winner. It remains to be seen if Jeff Probst and the team at CBS feel the same way. Stay tuned.

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on August 11, 2010 at 8:00pm
If more people would have a PC meltdown, this bullshit would stop. Why should anyone have to put up with rudeness, people who don't follow the rules, throw fits and otherwise abuse the people who make an attempt to provide a service. Much has been said about "customer service". More needs to be said about obnoxious customers thrown out or hung up on for their customer attitude. I think that street runs both directions. Glad you posted this, someone sent it to me yesterday asking how i managed to miss that flight since i would have been right behind this guy.


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