Keeping Your Personal Life Separate from Your Work Life – Harder then it Sounds if You’re Tiger Woods…

After being the brunt of many jokes care of late night hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman, cursed by wives across the globe and shun by all those who once adored him because of mistakes he made in his personal life Tiger has returned to the one thing he always excelled in …his career in golf.

After a brief hiatus from golf and a stint in rehab to deal with his “inhibitions”, Tiger has officially made his return to work. Will all the publicity surrounding his return effect his on the job performance? Well he did choose one of the most reputable venues to return to … the Masters where tight security will ensure there are no surprises from the spectators including impromptu visits from the shady women from his past.

This kind of pressure would have an effect on anyone’s game; even the greatest golfer of all time. Constant attention from your peers (and in this case his spectators) can cause a disruption to your focus therefore undercutting your productivity at work. It is similar to the average person being micromanaged by an over bearing supervisor who is watching and waiting for his employee to make the slightest mistake so he can pounce on him and catch the employee in the act. Do you call that a productive working environment? Not so much.

Tiger, like many employees, go to work and put their personal lives aside to concentrate on the task at hand whether it is winning the Masters or closing that sale. In this case, thanks to the media attention and his celebrity status, Tiger’s personal life is out in the open. No hiding that! It is common knowledge what Tiger has done including all 15 women (I have lost count) while the average person is likely to keep their personal situations to themselves to avoid being judged by others. Will all this negative attention effect Tiger’s success in this tournament?

In any event, whether he wins or loses the Masters, his image has been forever tarnished. Few of Tiger’s sponsors decided to stick by him during this ordeal which has reduced the selling power his persona will bring. Although what he did in his personal life did not directly effect his performance on the course at the time, it has effected his image as a clean cut family man. And image is everything when you are in the public eye.

As one of the many wives internationally who’s perception of the one time sweet and innocent mentor and role model to many has been forever changed. I believe that regardless of how well he does in this tournament, his career (and marriage I am sure) will never completely recover. Sounds like your personal life can have more of an effect on your career then you think….

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Comment by Martin H.Snyder on April 10, 2010 at 10:25pm
He is having a helluva Master's - and I have a sad feeling that the world we live in has lost any distinction between fame and infamy. If he walks out of Augusta a winner, I think he will be even bigger than ever and now in the national eye far beyond the game of golf.
Comment by Paul Alfred on April 12, 2010 at 1:00pm
Funny .... It seems Tiger was number one with all his personal secrets did not seem to affect his game ... I think it will take a little time for him to get back to being GOD of GOLF now that all the secrets are out.... Tiger Woods on the record never once said I am a Role Model tell your kids to look up to me- I am the Family Man other men should aspire to be .... Sponsors did that. Tiger Woods only ever spoke about his Golf Game what he did right what he did wrong and what he could improve on.

He really only has to answer to his Wife, Kids and his Maker ...


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