Michigan has been descending the economic elevator for half a decade now. It’s been so frustrating that hope for a ground floor is starting to dwindle. What’s the upside? You get to turn on the television and hear tales of employment shortages instead of Detroit’s high crime rate? Household chores are being done more consistently? I know, I know, everyone would much rather have a job and searching is becoming as frustrating as a crowded elevator. But what if I said there was a magic button on the elevator being installed right now that would give everyone jobs? Well, there isn’t, but do you feel that in your stomach? That’s the feeling of hitting the ground floor and slowly starting to rise again.

Jobs are coming. They might not be what you expect, but there is always a catch right? According to the NCSL, the unemployment rate has actually fallen by 2% since this time last year. Michigan is expected to add nearly 100,000 jobs by 2012. This will not erase the 850,000 lost jobs from the economy going boom, but it is a start.

· Who is hiring the most new employees? If you guessed the auto industry then good try, but no; though their economic recovery is actually going better than expected. If you are a “Medical Technician Manager Teacher,” then get excited because you have many options. Most jobs in the next two years will be in informational technologies, business services, health care, and private education. Recruiter Matt Glynn says that he has also noticed an increase in developers, specifically mobile application professionals. Yes, smart phones, the only bigger headache than unemployment, are actually helping create jobs.

· Where are these jobs? Spearheading this campaign is Ann Arbor. A2 is at the forefront of the IT world. IT security companies like Barracuda Networks hire about 10 new employees each month. A quick Craig’s List search (recruiter’s main competition) shows a great amount of manager positions available in the area, and until the cure for death is found, the hospital is always in need of health care workers.

· What is the catch then? The new jobs are creating a water shortage that will make everyone have to pay to use public restrooms! That was a lie, but here is the truth: The average salary of the emerging jobs is likely to be substantially less than what the same job paid in 2000. Some jobs might remain at the same level, but most Michigan job seekers will have to deal with this salary decline if they don’t want to play job hunt anymore.

· How is this elevator going to rise? Organizations like Michigan Corps plan to invest capital in Michigan companies through a global entrepreneurial network. Rishi Jaitly, CEO, says that this is a transition moment for Michigan and the organization wants to stimulate the economy while keeping our youth in Michigan. This will likely be done by placing video games, cell phones, and television under a box hoisted up by a stick tied to a string for them to pull and trap said youth.

For recruiters and their candidates, this news is uplifting. Recruiters will have more open positions to fill and candidates that are seeking a job will have more options presented to them. The world was not built in a day though. Michigan will take time to heal. It has no mom that will kiss it and put a band-aid on its economic wounds. Here’s hoping, however, that we are moving onward and upward!

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