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Hold the Door! WasteOne

The Elevator is starting a new feature called “Hold the Door.” We will now be taking the time to sit down regularly with different companies and interrogate…I mean interview them on the different aspects of workplace culture, hiring, and social networking initiatives. We hope to help job seekers, businesses, and anyone else retain something of value by “holding the…


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Those Darn Work Distractions!

Did you know that, according to a study done by Basex, the average time spent being interrupted in a typical work day and getting back into a groove is 2.1 hours? This is almost 1/3 of a person’s time at work! The internet has been a blessing and a curse for the world of the employed. Employees forward fun emails between each other all the time and social networking is practiced consistently at any job with computers available. I know what you’re thinking. You are scared now. Distractions…


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Training Daze

Hold on to your hats because it’s time for all good little employees to get their dose of training! Your company has found reason to give its workers more knowledge on a particular subject, whether it is the integration of a new company wide program or leadership skills. Training usually ends up being the afterthought of doing anything new. A lot of companies think that their employees are super human robots that can pick up and go with something like a fish to water. It’s time for a reality…


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Vendor Management System Verdict

Remember back when offshoring was all the rage? Companies thought setting up an office in India was the Holy Grail for saving money, but it was actually a disaster. Time differences, communication issues, and employee frustration all accounted for causing more harm to a company than the money spent to have a unified team in one area.

Today, companies are employing a new hiring method to try and counter costs with the use of Vendor Management Systems. A VMS is a computer program that…


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Cultivating Your Career Change

I hear that you hate your job and are ready to leave! You got in touch with a recruiter who found you an amazing position and the phrase “peace out” is roaring in your head. Those bridges are ready to be burned, but hold up a minute. People are always afraid of change. They focus so much on just leaving the job that they forget that the way they do so is very important. Keeping connections with your old employer is crucial!

You want to know why? Well, think about it for a second. If…


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Motivating the Office Mob!

Motivation is the key to success! We all know this. A lack of motivation means a lack of results. If you ask an employee what will motivate them, they will usually leap out of their seats with neck stretched, eyes bulged, and teeth wide, and exclaim “MONEY” without even thinking. Sure, you’ll get the select few who can do their job with as little motivation as a Twinkie on a…


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Unemployed Uprising!

Are you a job seeker that has been unemployed for long periods of time? Well, sit down my friend because you are not alone. In fact, 40% of the unemployed have been out of work for more than six months. Searching for a job is tough these days, especially when you have been out of your niche for quite some time. It’s not the end though.…


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Grouping Generational Gaps

Walk around the workplace today and ask this question: What do you know about the moonwalk?

You are likely to receive four different responses.

  1. The moon is in space. You can’t walk on it.
  2. It was a very important step for mankind. I remember watching it on television and wanting to be an astronaut one day!
  3. I’m doing it right now! (Person…

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Achievement Awareness!

How fun is your place of employment? Is it a place of ruin and despair ruled by a tyrant dictator that pretends he is running a great company? How about an oasis of entertainment and relaxation in which fluffy bunnies hop around and you ride from cubicle to cubicle on unicorns? Which would you rather have and how do you even measure this stuff? A lot of small businesses do…


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Making the Most of Meetings

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the amazing ways that recruiters can see success in their efforts. The telephone and internet have done some miraculous things for the field. For instance, recruiters can call potential candidates and learn about them. In the online world, you can generally do the same through written text and chats on social networking sites and email.…


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Social Network Step Backs

A recent rumor has been circulating the web and creating a buzz that Facebook is going offline forever on March 15th. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg stated, “Facebook has gotten out of control. The stress of managing this company has ruined my life.”…


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Juicy Job Postings!

Answer me this folks, would you respond to the following personal ad?


“I’m a person. I am looking for a person. This person should be a person and fun. I am fun.”


If you answered yes, then I feel bad for you. There is nothing either informative or enticing about this. The only people who would respond to it are desperate or just as lame. Well,…


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The Age Old Debate

So we’ve all heard the generational gripes when it comes to finding a job. Each side of the fence thinks that they have it so rough.

Young: “Yo, I don’t have enough experience 2 b considered for a job position, man. I’m so gonna’ be unemployed forever! Not cool! LOL”

Old: “All the experience in the world won’t change…

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Removing Recruiting's Wrong Reputation

Let’s face it. Buying a used car at a lot has to be one of the worst thought of experiences in anyone’s existence. The salesperson is just after that big commission and fast talks you about any car your eye lands on even if said car looks like it went down with the Titanic. Well, you might call me a liar on this, but there are some used-car…

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Creating Good Candidate Karma

A business is not always the best place to be oneself. Often times one has to let go of his true personality in order to have a more professional persona. Many people feel that their work life is in a constant state of judgment and so-wait a minute…what am I doing? A blog is supposed to be an expression of a person through his/her writing! I am all for professional diction…


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Is Common Courtesy a Bother?

How many times have you posted a resume to a job that you thought was perfect for you? I know I have quite a few times. You get that little sense of satisfaction and walk around with a smile the entire day because you are certain that they will consider you. As the week progresses a timeline of emotions ensues:



What could have…


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Good News for Michigan Job Seekers?

Michigan has been descending the economic elevator for half a decade now. It’s been so frustrating that hope for a ground floor is starting to dwindle. What’s the upside? You get to turn on the television and hear tales of employment shortages instead of Detroit’s high crime rate? Household chores are being done more consistently? I know, I know, everyone would much rather…


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