Google Glass's revolutionary technology has created a lot of buzz from supporters and opponents of the device. "Explorers," a term used for Glass users, tout its convenience, while opponents highlight its invasion of privacy and its impracticality. No matter what side of the fence your opinions are on, Google Glass is now emerging in job ads.

We recognized that employers may require candidates to work on the technology and software or use it to execute their duties. Considering that, we've been monitoring hiring trends for Google Glass to spot an influx in demand. In May, there were 123 job ads that mentioned Google Glass, according to WANTED Analytics.

That's an increase of 459% over the same time last year. Google Glass began appearing in job ads in February 2013.


Those mostly responsible for working with the technology include Software Developers (Applications) and Web Developers. Interestingly, in addition to IT occupations, healthcare occupations were also among the jobs where Google Glass experience was required or mentioned in job ads. Where IT professionals will work on the software and related apps, healthcare professionals will actually be using the device to perform duties. Wearable technology may be increasingly used in the healthcare sector as it enables a hands-free method to access critical information while in procedures. Some job ads we came across said that Registered Nurses may be required to work with Google Glass in the ER. In addition to the job descriptions below, there was also a job ad for Opticians that would work with fitting consumers for Google Glass. Here are some examples of how candidates will work with Google Glass.

What Jobs Use Google Glass and How?

Software Development Engineer - Create the best shopping experience for customers wherever they go on their favorite mobile devices by optimizing processes on a variety of screen sizes.

Data Scientist – Investigate the impact of new technologies like Google Glass, Leap Motion, smart watches, Bitcoin, and iBeacons on the future of mobile banking and the financial world of tomorrow.

DevOps Systems Linux Chef - Build applications on smartphones and Google Glass that will change the way people connect.

Backend Web Developer Stack - Build a backend that fuels the digital eyewear revolution and invent a new way to push deployments to a server running on a Digital Eyewear Devices (Google Glass, Epson, Vuzix, Rcon, Meta, etc.)

Online Gallery Representative - Create buzz and demand for an art design related app for Google Glass (and Mobile.)

In the current US workforce, there are about 500 candidates with Google Glass experience. Compared to May's demand, that calculates to about 3 potential qualified candidates per job ad.

Google Glass Candidate Supply

Is your company requiring candidates to work on or with this technology? 

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Comment by Matt Charney on June 26, 2014 at 10:10am

This week's sign of the apocalypse.


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