Have You Ever Had a Boss You’d Call Friend - Burning Bridges

I'm sure you've heard the a saying, "The grass isn't always greener". Does this apply to you when it comes to your career? How many times have you left a company thinking it was the right thing to do?

Maybe you left for:

- more money
- loftier title
- closer to home
- more flexibility
- better people

The problem is once you get to the new company you realize they have their own warts that you didn't see during the interview process. This blog is for you.

I started recruiting 14 years ago for a British based recruiting firm. I joined with absolutely no experience or technical training but I did (and still do) have a love for technology. I describe myself as a geek who can't code; I used technical recruiting as a way to stay informed about all of the cool companies and the things they were working on. From these humble beginnings, I thought I had reached the pinnacle - working for the largest executive search firm in the world; recruiting Senior VP's, Presidents and CEO's for top companies - until I was laid off. I've been told that I have the kind of personality that attracts people. There's something about my un-assuming style and demeanor that people can appreciate. I was brought up to treat people fair but to always speak my mind (and let you know where you and I stand) and I guess people can appreciate this. This is the way I've approached not only my recruiting business and careerunleashed.com but also my personal life - the end result, I've been hired by the same employer, the firm that I started my recruiting career three times. Each time I've left, "it's been for a better opportunity" or so I thought. Each time I've gone back, I've been in a different role and made it a point to not only add value but to exceed expectations. I don't know if I'll end my career there but I do know that I consider the President a mentor, a great person and most importantly a friend.

How many of you have been lucky enough to have a similar experience? I'm not talking about someone that will serve as a reference or who will say good things about you. This is more than that - a genuine friendship built on respect. With all of the bad news being reported and discussed, let's take a moment to celebrate the good in our business lives. I think we can all benefit from a moment of cheer.


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Comment by Pedro S. Silva II on September 1, 2009 at 11:37am
Thanks for sharing your expereince here. I once heard someone say that "The grass isn't greener on the other side. On the other side of grass, there is dirt." I think about that often. You seem to be very fortunate to have the relationship with your current boss. As you know, many companies are unforgiving of past employees who leave the organization. It shows that you are with a person of integrity and that is to be valued. I am fortunate enough to find myself in a similar situation. Best of luck in your career.


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