Have you suffered the Wrath of Social Networking? Or are you using it to your advantage

After reading the news papers in Australia over the last week, there have been two very interesting cases that have caught my eye. One is the spectacular fall from grace of Stephanie Rice and her faux pas on Twitter, which cost her a car, a contract and caused her some major grief.

The other is the spectacular rise to the spot light of Alex Stewart and his smoking habits being talked about across the globe, which may have made him famous or infamous for all the wrong reasons and may lose him his job as well.

But reading through my facebook last night and seeing the posts of friends, I wonder if people are doing themselves a disservice with the information and quirky posts that they put out for all to read.

Have you ever had a Social Networking Faux Pas that has contributed positivily or negativly to your professional life?

I am interested to hear

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Comment by Chuck Summerland on September 17, 2010 at 4:31pm
Hi Ryan,

This is a good one as I was just posting around this subject as well. The other day I read in the paper about gossip surrounding the Toronto International Film Festival and bed bugs in the seats at one of the theaters that they would be screening a movie at. This was just a normal individual who tweeted about bite marks on her legs and behind blaming the theater. One of her friend’s works in Hollywood who received the tweet then reposted it that went to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and within days it was all out that TIFF was infested with bed bugs. Turns out that the theater did not have any but she did. Shows how something small can become news just from a confused individual. I know people do not care much about the recruitment industry as they monitor the film but what’s stopping people from spreading rumors’ or posts on the dangers working with you or small agency’s vs. large or large vs. small? People have different ways of interpreting these things but as another generation who are obsessed with social media come into the work force dangers do exist with social media.


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