Heroin Know The Effects And Origin

Heroin is used by millions of drug addicts all over the world. It is one of the most highly addictive illegal drugs which lead to crime and death. People who decided not to take heroin no more can face horror with it comes to withdrawal. The drug is made from plants and like opium the drug is removed from the pod of the plant and refined making the morphine and can be refined again and become in a form of heroin. Most heroin is injectable creating a high risk of other diseases like AIDS and can create a very depressive environment as soon as the effect of the drug is already gone to the body. A drug test is conducted in many organizations and institute for the campaign of eliminating such addiction.


The heroin is intended for people who are suffering from tuberculosis back in the mid-1800 distributed by a certain pharmaceutical company in Germany. Because of its addictive factor, the solution is to provide opium with non-addictive substances. The substance is intended for relieving pain and was exported to the US as Dolophine and renamed as Methadone in 1947. However, in the late 1990’s the rate of people who are suffering from heroin drug addiction is increasing as high as twenty times than the rest of the population.


After sniffing the heroin, it gives you the surge of sensation with a warm feeling. Most often it is associated with vomiting and severe itching. Users can sometimes feel drowsy for several hours and the function of the brain and heartbeat is slowing down.

Heroin looks like

Heroin can be offered in its purest form with a fine white looking powder. It becomes one of the world’s problem as the rise of people getting more addictive to it increases. Most of the time, the heroin can be appeared as rose gray powder, or even in black and brown color. The coloring will vary depending on the additives like caffeine. Same with ecstasy, it gives you the sense of fulfillment whenever you take such drugs. It can be injected, sniffed directly from the nose and smoked. It has the sensation of being high and can feel the sexual urge but not for long.

Heroin today

According to a drug test by the National Survey on Drug Used and Health, there are 153,000 users in the United States alone while other countries have high figures over than 900,000. The number one opium supply is from Afghanistan with the total value of export of 4 billion quarterly.

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