So I’m just about 6 months into this whole recruiting thing.  Loving life so far.  I’ve nailed the acronyms for the most part, now I’m trying to focus on the tools.  Recruiters use a LOT of tools; Chrome extensions, plugins, apps, tickers, etc. (Anyone still have a pager?)  For someone like me who likes to be organized and “simple” when it comes to “things”-there are way too many freaking tools out there.

There’s a saying in my family about clutter, “Don’t go and junk it all up.”  I.e., if you put too much shit in one place you’re going to junk it up.  I won’t say which tools I think are the junkiest-I’m sure many of you already know.  I will say which one I’m currently intrigued by, (drum roll here) Hiretual.  There is nothing junky about it.

I like knowing that I’m organized.  I like to know where I can find what I’m looking for and have it all neatly stacked and ready to go.   Not everyone can relate-I know this.  But in the realm of recruiting you have to be organized JUST A TAD.  Nowadays that rolodex isn’t getting you very far is it?  (Actually a former employer of mine still uses one-key word, former.)

Hiretual keeps you organized.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that IF you make a mistake in organizing your info on Hiretual, you should just quit now.  Like-why are you in recruiting if you can’t even keep your information in order-especially since Hiretual does most of the work FOR YOU!

Wanna know what else I think is pretty rad about Hiretual?  The price.  How does FREE .99 SOUND TO YOU?  Yep.  You can head over to their website right now and bing, bang, boom-you’re set.  

Now-here’s my REAL favorite thing...ready?  The team at Hiretual is so helpful.  They actually WANT to help you.  They who?  Oh yea-they’re really people.  You’re not going to get a bot email-you’re going to get a REAL email, from a REAL person at Hiretual.  A real person that you can actually reply back to if you need anything.

Hiretual is a one stop shop for staying organized and obtaining not just WHAT data you’re in search of, but the BEST data available.

Stay rad, folks.


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