This year brings new demands across all industries. While marketing managers and SEO/SEM experts are less sought after, other occupations are taking their place on the list of most popular occupations for this year. Companies are in constant pursuit of fresh and young talent ready to take on the job and deliver results, so pay attention as this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Without further ado, here’s what’s hot in 2017.


Cloud and Distributed Computing

Cloud computing is a way of distributing internet services to clients through infrastructure creation, platforms, applications and storage. This means you would be creating hosting environments for a client’s website, running their security, support, scalability, and much more through massive cloud-based platforms consisting of one or more servers.

On the other hand, distributed computing enables big tasks to be broken down into smaller pieces and distributed across a number of independent computers in order to be solved more efficiently. A distributed system consists of two or more computers that communicate through a network. This means you would be solving different pieces of big IT problems for clients and individuals in various niches and industries.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

These occupations are for those of you who have an eye for detail, work well with numbers and are knack for financial affairs.

Accounting is a very delicate profession that involves comprehensive tracking of financial transactions in a company, also summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to overseeing and tax-collecting entities. As an additional requirement in accounting, employees are required to have bookkeeping knowledge and applicable skills in the area of recording the financial affairs of a business. Smaller businesses will employ a single person to handle both accounting and bookkeeping, and depending on the needs and resources, these tasks might also fall upon the financial manager of the company.

Bigger and well-developed companies will, on the other hand, have a single person for all of these positions, with accountants, bookkeepers and various niche financial managers working as a team to bring the desired results to the company. No matter what form of financial management your aspirations include, you will need to attend a professional bookkeeping course that will allow you to not only to apply for various financial positions in a company, but also to have more credibility in the job market and to satisfy the industry standards.


User Interface Design

It’s all about technology these days and if you find programming and backend development to mundane for your taste, you might want to devote your time simplifying people’s lives with interface design, a skill that is one of the most wanted by companies right now.

You would be bringing to life applications and software created by developers and making it easy to use and understand by consumers through smart and creative interface design that is responsive, intuitive and fun.


Web Architecture

This is definitely not a one-man job as it involves strategic planning and realization of websites on many levels of functional, aesthetic and technical criteria which in turn demands teams of developers and designers.

You can choose your area of backend, frontend development or graphic design, as those are all constituting elements of website architecture. This can be a very fun and diverse occupation, full of opportunities and new experiences, just make sure to choose wisely as backend and frontend development are two very different professions, requiring different kinds of personalities.


And there you go, some of the most prospective occupations on the global market this year cover a wide range of professions, each in demand of unique talent and approach. Are you ready to make this year the year of success with one of the hottest skills of 2017?

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