How Can Chatbots Improve Employee Experience?

It’s no secret that happy employees work harder and they are most likely to stay for longer at your business. There are advantages for employees who stay longer. It reduces the number of candidates that get required. 

Thus, creating an amazing employee experience is key. The traditional way to improve the employee experience by offering perks and rewards. But not every company has unlimited resources. 

This is where chatbots come in. Chatbots help to increase efficiency and improve the employee experience. Chatbots handle two birds with one stone. 

Chatbots are conversational interfaces that provide a customized personal experience with the user. The chatbots can help ease tasks that are undertaken by the HR department. The adoption of chatbots into the HR system transforms the employee experience forever. 

This article focuses on how chatbots can improve the employee experience. 

What are chatbots?

Everyone might have heard about Siri and Alexa. The HR chatbot might be less intelligent than them but is perfect for answering the questions, helping the employees and directing them straight to HR for complex issues. It helps to perform the tasks via speech or mainly text with natural language processing. HR bots can be deployed on their native app or on other platforms Skype, Slack or also as a browser extension.

Some examples of HR chatbot questions

Common questions that HR chatbot can handle are following: 

  • For company policies: What is the company’s policy on paternity leave?
  • Time off balances: How much time do I have left?
  • Salary documentation: Can you give last month’s paycheck?
  • Overview of benefits: What does my corporate mobile plan include?
  • Onboarding employees: Who’s responsible for marketing operations? 
  • Supporting recruitment: Can you tell me open jobs in sales?
  • Track attendance: Can you track my attendance for last week?

Ways in which chatbot improve the employee experience

1. Simplifying the onboarding process

Chatbots get used to notify the candidates. It helps in interview procedures, information about the position. And when the new candidate gets hired, he/she has plenty of questions and queries that need answers.

Chatbots are there to help the candidates get the relevant information. It includes things such as payroll, systematic leaves balances, company policies. 

Onboarding chatbots can take new employees via a post-onboarding survey. It provides details about the company without any interaction with HR. The chatbots can get integrated with communication tools like Slack and more. 

2. Streamlining the HR processes

Chatbots help to simplify administrative tasks. It helps employees to gain information on the sensitive process that can get delivered with help of a self-service process. 

There is no need for paper forms and digitizing them to ease the HR processes. By cutting down on any investment needed to improve the existing systems. 

Chatbots are there to improve the employee experience by delivering notifications. And any important alerts about the company, upcoming notices, policies and more. 

The chatbots provide the necessary information. The employee doesn’t have to go from their cubicle to the HR department every time.

HR chatbots help to communicate the information with the employees. 

Even during the absence of HR professionals. The chatbots make HR more accessible to the workforce. 

3. They offer skills development

 No employees want to feel stagnant in their job but this thing is inevitable and can happen with any one of us. 

Millennials believe that personal development is necessary when looking for a new job. The business needs to find ways to provide new skill training. 

Chatbots platforms fill the need in two ways. You can define a chatbot to answer questions related to learning and development. 

And enrolling employees in new courses and taking feedback from employees. 

The employer has to spend less time training existing employees on how to use the chatbot platform. It offers an excellent opportunity for employees to expand their skill set. 

And without the need to take a lot of time from their current responsibilities. 

4.  An ideal way to invest in your staff

We have seen the photos of the plus and big offices. This environment is not suitable for every office, in reality, they can’t afford it. Employees tend to work harder when they feel that they are being invested in. And given the right amount of training by their employers. 

Chatbots are there to reduce the burden that is present on the organization. The chatbots are present to provide support tickets, qualify leads and booking meeting rooms. 

5. Chatbots increases productivity

The use of technology has sped up the process and allowed the HR system to focus on different tasks. 

The HR department can leverage their time and energy in various plans. It includes making new strategies and policies. 

Employers now do not have to track employees and wait for their replies. All gets done with the help of chatbots. Chatbots are accurate enough and beneficial in sorting lots of employee data. Solving every query of the employee can be tiresome for the HR teams as compared to a bot. 

6. Chatbots supporting employee wellbeing

Chatbots are used as a tool to augment the work of humans. And chatbots are helpful in improving the well-being of employees. If a worker is struggling emotionally and informs the AI. The AI can send an alert to a qualified person to speak directly with the person. 

We know it’s hard to talk about mental health, so it’s no surprise that many employees prefer to talk with a chatbot. Chatbots are available 24/7. HR departments can use the chatbot to overcome mental health issues in your organization. 

Summing it up 

The use of chatbots by the company will mark positive changes in the HR department. And with the right chatbot program, a company can tackle any problem. It does so by improving the employee experience in the process. Chatbots get included in employee engagement services tailor-made for their companies.

A chatbot when applied like we have mentioned in the above points into your organization keeps employees happy. It helps to create an upbeat working environment. And HR chatbots are the future. And companies relying on chatbots will stay ahead of the competition. 

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