How Exit-Intent Technology Can Increase Conversions on Your eCommerce Site

Improving conversion rates is the direction every eCommerce site moves in. Turning your visitors into buyers means making the most of the money spent on driving traffic to your website – improve your conversion rates and you’ll spend less to make sales. The number of eCommerce sites using popups to increase conversions is rapidly growing and exit-intent technology is becoming more popular with each passing day.

What is Exit-Intent Technology

This innovative tool allows you to appeal to your customers just as they are leaving your site. If this still sounds somewhat unclear to you, here’s how exit-intent technology works: as a visitor, if you plan to exit the site that uses this technology, a popup will show at just the right moment. This includes trying to close the window, tab, or simply clicking on your bookmarks or favorites. A popup that shows is the website’s last chance to display a unique offer for the visitor, trying to convert them into buyers. This is perfect for displaying special offers and deals. But how does this really help an eCommerce website? If the visitor already intended to exit the site, does the exit-intent strategy really pay off?

Second Chance

Well, to answer the previous question: yes it does. The exit-intent technology has displayed a popup to your visitor as they were trying to exit and this means that your original attempt at converting them into a buyer was not so successful, this much is true. However, this doesn’t mean that the visitor won’t come back or that they disliked your website content. The best way to make sure that they visit your website again is by having them subscribe to your regular newsletter. This, however is seldom done by the Internet surfers unless they are truly uniquely interested in your website content. A visitor, however, might make a mental note that they like what they’ve seen on your site and yet be too lazy to look for the subscribe button; and a mental note is of little significance online. Using exit-intent strategy to have your visitors subscribe to your site will definitely make this easy for them and some of these visitors will be converted into buyers at a point.

Ways of approach

Exit-intent technology is applicable in more than one way. There are a few different ways to approach your second chance at conversion:

  • Repeat and reinforce your original message;

  • Change your message or offer;

  • Obtain contact information.

Although the first approach does entail repeating your offer, this is best done by rephrasing. Using a different choice of words might not be enough, so you should aim at restating the message in different terms. In other words, exit intent platform helps explain your offer in a different way to try and convert your visitors into buyers.

The thinking behind the second method is focused on the first message failing to convert and using a different approach in order to succeed. If your original message was focused on the benefits of your product or service, the second one should be focused on the price.

Obtaining contact information is the most effective approach. By offering your visitor a free eBook for entering their email address, you obtain their contact information, further allowing you to market to them for little or no price, for an extended period of time.

When it comes to eCommerce, everything is based on your conversion rates and exit-intent strategy, applied as an addition to other marketing strategies, can go a long way towards making sure that your visitors become your buyers. You can use it to convey a different message, reinforce your original one or build your subscriber list, which will boost your website’s popularity.


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