Some trusted sources show that with the unemployment rates in the United States being as low as never before, you have all the chances to get the job you always wanted to. However, if you don’t play smart, you can easily blow an opportunity of a lifetime. Therefore, we have prepared a list of things you need to know to get the job and perform well at the interview.

Things you should be aware of to impress the hirer

  1. If you are the student and have no work experience, it is not a problem unless you put it right. Of course, potential employers are willing to hire people that have more experience at a position similar to the one in question. However, you can take advantage of all the volunteering projects you participated in as well as all the courses you enrolled in.

Whenever asked about the experience, tell them what you learned from the internships and volunteering projects. Specify skills you mastered there and valuable knowledge you acquired. They should know that there is something you can bring to the company (and we are sure that if you look closely at the experience, you have you will find something).

  1. Show them that you are a team player. You need to fit in and make the company more of one whole. This is your ultimate goal and your primary focus. Of course, you can learn the information you will need to be able to work, but employers always expect you to be a team player from the beginning.

Remember to let them know that you quickly adapt to new environment, culture and don’t mind changes. Be sure they want you to be flexible, so let them know that you are.

  1. Be ready to answer tricky questions. Hirers like to ask the question that might put interviewees at a stand. You need to be prepared for that. They aim to see whether you stay adequate in stressful situations and keep your head no matter what happens. This is especially true if you are applying for a job that involves a lot of interaction with clients as well as tremendous responsibility. I remember that one of the interviews I was asked what I knew about the population of polar bears. The question blew my mind, but I tried to calm down and shared what I knew. It is only after that I realized how important this skill was: I worked with numerous customers that often made it hard for me to believe that they were sane after all.

  2. Be ready to answer why you think that you meet all the requirements and fit the job description. This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and that is why you should prepare a speech for it. Do not be shy: an interview is not a place where you should keep your excellent personal qualities as well as professional qualifications in secret. Show them what you are really worth and make them want you for this position.

  3. Learn more about the company you are applying for. Sometimes interviewers ask why you chose their firm to work for, and you won’t look good if you tell them that you were sending out resumes randomly to all the companies with openings. Make sure you know their core values and what they are doing to have something to answer with when asked. Do not lie, and be transparent; however, give a try to find core values of the company in question you can relate to. You will benefit from such a move, as hirers are interested in those employees that want to go along and not slow down the working process.

  4. Be positive. You should smile and feel relaxed at the interview. Say only good things about the places you used to work before and underline how honored you feel for being given a privilege of interviewing for a position at the company of your dream. Let them see that you will bring a positive attitude to their team. Remember to be polite and answer with more than one syllable. Be open to share, but choose your words wisely.

  5. Finally, when asked why you decided to change your job, stay away from saying any bad things about the team and the company you used to work for. You will not look good if you spread the rumors. You should look like someone easy to be around. So, try your best here, too!

Taking everything into consideration, you have all the chances of getting the perfect job if you use our tips. Avoid making mistakes, as interview might be the only chance to impress an HR, so take it seriously and be the best version of yourself for them to choose and hire you.

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