How To Be EEOC Compliant with Video Interviewing

“Compliance”-that one word constantly on the mind of HR professionals everywhere. HR is tasked with maintaining compliance in so many different areas, using different tools and software. It doesn’t matter what medium a company chooses (phone, video, digital, simple resume screening) to screen and interview candidates, compliance and the solid establishment of its importance is completely required.

Here are some things to consider in EEOC when using video interviewing:

Stored Interview Data

Did you know that utilizing video interviewing in your hiring processes can actually strengthen your Equal Employment Opportunity compliance? The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP ) requires organizations to store interviewing and applicant data for up to two years. GreenJobInterview has got you covered. Our software keeps you videos stored for three full years. This effortless, automated organization can keep your company safe.

Video Acts as a Deterrent Against Discrimination

With EEOC cases on a steady rise, companies need to do all they can to prevent discrimination in their organization. Video interviewing and screening provides the ability to monitor and track all screening and interviewing activity. Recruiters and hiring managers can now be held accountable for discriminatory behavior, which also acts as a deterrent. Companies are also now armed with recorded proof of their compliance. Videos support a fair and equal screening process through total transparency and automated compliance.

Video Provides Consistency

With recorded interviews, employers are able to create one recording of the same questions, asked in the same way, from the same person, for every candidate screened or interviewed. Every candidate gets the same exact experience. This consistent and standardized process takes variables like individual interviewer bias out of the overall equation and supports a consistent and cohesive employer brand.

No Off-Track Discussions that Create Biases

This process also helps to combat the biases that can arise from small talk or “conversation” interviews. Candidates can’t sway a hiring manager during recorded interviews. These interviews don’t allow for off-track discussion or flattery.

Straying from standard interview questions can also make candidates feel uncomfortable or give an unfair advantage to those who have similar interests to the interviewer. With video screening (an option that allows pre-recorded questions to be answered by candidates at their leisure or in a specific time window) the opportunity for this is diminished entirely. With live interviews, the same discussions may take place, but the notes, storage and recording avoid any finger pointing or vague issues.

No Individual Advantages

Each candidate is given the same response time in which they can hear the question, think about their answer and then deliver their response. They are allotted the same challenge to prove that they can think on their feet, or the same opportunity to analyze the question before answering. This depends on the time the interviewer chooses to give the candidates.

While the top-down importance of embracing diversity and creating a fair hiring process is up to organization leaders, our video interviewing software can really help lighten the load when it comes to solid EEOC compliance. It is up to leaders to establish the right values, and the right software to solidify compliance.

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