How to Breathe More Life into a Stale Company Culture

Many businesses overlook their company culture, especially while making good profits each quarter. A strong, inviting culture can keep your employees bonded and happy, and draw new talent to your business. If you don’t want to leave your culture up to chance, make sure you revive it. These simple tips can help you breathe life into an otherwise stale company culture, exciting current employees, and giving your business a fresh, positive image.

Define your Companies Culture
If you don't have a well-written company culture and mission statement, you're really missing out. Start by defining exactly what your company stands for. This can be politically based, or a mission to improve specific social issues. Many companies choose to focus on safe, neutral issues such as education or defeating poverty. A successful company can donate to a cause, which lets employees feel better about working longer hours, and chipping in where they might otherwise be hesitant. Many companies choose to distribute the written company culture on their website, so the public can see exactly what kind of place their doing business with. This will improve public relations and build a sense of pride in your employees.

Have a Fun Day to Bond Employees
It's not very expensive to rent a local park, a few barbecue grills, and some buy some signage. With this minimal cost, you can have a company employee fun day right on your company property or just nearby. Invite employees and their families to have hot dogs and burgers, while their kids have fun. This can really bond your employees and give your company a sense of togetherness. Many company fun days end in a friendly competition, or placement in a company newsletter. Awards the most spirited of your employees with marketing highlights, awards, or even gift cards. To create incentives you can even require that employees have a good attendance record to be able to enter certain contests at the employee fun day. This tactic is used by businesses ranging from small auto repair shops, to large companies such as GE.

Get Rid of Bureaucracy and Red Tape
Employees who have to jump through bureaucratic hoops to work for you, will likely see you as a boring, paper-work obsessed company. Try cutting down on how much papers your employees need to fill out. Eliminate needless reports by automating data delivery where possible. You can use a simple cost-effective solution for Employee Onboarding, such as Bamboo HR, to give your employees a good impression from the get-go. Such software makes the on-boarding process easy for your employees, and lets you save time and paperwork. Another way to cut down on this red tape is to allow employees to schedule days off from home, by creating a safe website that can be accessed from outside your business network.

Improve your Branding
Perhaps nothing is more important to a company’s image than it's branding. A strong, memorable logo is a good start, but branding includes much more. Employees can really get behind a company they can identify with. Make sure you have a consistent theme that matches your logo so workers can recognize your company by its theme alone. Other areas where branding can usually be improved upon is in marketing materials and pamphlets, job applications, classifieds and commercials. Try getting a company mascot that's as lovable as it is memorable. A cartoon character works great for this, and such logos and mascots can usually be created in-house, perhaps with a fun company contest.

By using these tips, you can breathe life into just about any stale, outdated company culture. This will help attract clients and new talent to work at your successful, memorable business. Be a step ahead of the competition by engaging the community with strong branding, and entertaining promotions, while increasing your bottom line.

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