How to Earn Money Tutoring Students

Teaching is one noble profession that need not be limited only to those with a degree. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a college student, or someone with time to spare, you can certainly make the same contribution to society tutoring students. Another good thing about it is that you can make money at the same time.

With the abundance of potential customers, the amount of money you can make in tutoring will only be limited by your time and the subject area or topic that you are willing to teach.

There will always be a student needing help in Math or History or Physics or someone who needs to learn Spanish or some foreign language. You only have to know how to seek them out to offer your services.

How to start tutoring students

Before you can start tutoring, first determine what you want to specialize in. You may tutor on Chemistry, Physics, Math or History or you might want to teach a language that you know, such as Spanish or Japanese. You may opt to focus on one subject, one language or take a little of each subject in one sitting.

It is always good to start with the subject which you know you are good at. This will give you the confidence to teach and thus make you a more effective tutor. Determine what age group you would want to work with.

Some people work best with children while others can relate better to an older age group. Of course, having no specific age group or subject gives you a bigger client base and therefore allows you to make more money tutoring students. Determine what works best for you.

Tutoring can be done one-on-one or in a group. Doing it by group is the best way to go to make money in tutoring students, because each student will be paying you, and the more students you have, the more payments you receive. But limit the number of participants per session to ensure that you can have ample time to attend to each one.

Location is also an important detail to decide on. You may choose to go to the student’s house if you are doing one-on-one or have the students come to your place. If you choose the latter, choose a place in your house that will free you and your student from distraction like computers or television, and where it will be comfortable for all of you to have a learning session.

You might want to consider tutoring online too. This is less personal but more convenient and can be as effective as tutoring face-to-face. Group tutoring can also be done online through video conferencing with the students while you lecture on one end.

Seek out students and make your tutoring services known. Schools are the best places to look. Request that you be allowed to put up posters or better yet, speak with the teachers who might be able to recommend you to students needing tutoring. You may approach these students and offer your services yourself, as long as you do it tactfully.

The internet is a good way to advertise. Students usually have ready access to computers and turn to the internet to search for answers to their needs, so take advantage of this. There are also a lot of tutoring jobs advertised online so seek them out too.

Your own neighbourhood may also be a good source of students. There might be adults who need tutoring of a certain language prior to overseas deployment or business trips. Or they may need to learn another language for use in their workplace.

Send out fliers or post them on community bulletin boards. Attend community gatherings and give out business cards to potential customers. Sign up with job agencies that can link you with people needing your kind of service.

Determine your tutorial fees. Survey other individuals or centers offering tutorial services and price yours competitively. If you are just starting up on this business, you can price yourself slightly lower so as to build up your customer base.

However, do not price yourself too low to avoid being perceived as inferior or make potential customers question the effectiveness of your service. You can definitely make more money from tutoring students in the long run especially if you establish your reputation to become an effective home tutor.

Most tutors claim they not only make money from tutoring students but they too are helped as much as the students they teach. They find their knowledge is broadened with new information, their skills enhanced by the experience, and their values enriched with patience and perseverance typical of those in the teaching profession.


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