How to Hire Distant Candidates Even if Your Budget is Zero


Your company desperately needs an in-house recruiter to augment the performance of HR. The position has been filled internally, and your new recruiter is now responsible for bringing in the talent.


You don’t have a budget, and even without a budget, it’s clear there’s no room for travel costs. Distance hiring for the perfect candidate isn’t feasible and neither is sitting in a coffee shop all day processing the interviews. Because the position is new, there is no dictated amount of money to spend, so you are left in the dust when it comes to HR technology aids. However, just because the budget is minuscule, that doesn’t mean the office technology has to be.


Video interviewing.

Video interviews are easy…

Especially when you have the support to back it up. Some free options like Skype are prone to technical issues like a slow or glitchy video. When a 24/7 tech support is part of the deal, you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice in video technology options. The free platforms simply don’t cut it anymore in today’s technology age.

Aside from the lack of reliable tech support, you don’t have options for employer branding. Which when you’re fighting to win the heart of your dream candidate, it puts the finishing touch on your recruiting campaign. A recruiting specialist at America’s Job Exchange said:

Employer branding is at the crux of any great recruiting strategy. As social media outlets become commonplace destinations for both consumers and employers alike, it’s important to maintain control of your brand and position your company effectively in front of potential job candidates.”

Go the distance…

As The Proclaimers said in their song “I’m Gonna Be,” when you find that perfect candidate, you’ll walk 500 miles and possibly 500 more to offer them the job. However, that’s rather hard to do when your company is based in New York and the candidate is in Seattle. With video interviewing technology, you can offer that job to the dream talent. With video, you can interview candidates and share the interviews for review. Not to mention it takes less time to conduct video screening than it does to conduct a phone screen. In fact, you can conduct 10 video screens in the same time it takes for one phone screen. Let’s be honest, no one in the HR department wants to spend the yearly average 78,352 minutes on the phone.

It really saves money in the long run…

Video interviewing narrows the talent pool sooner by allowing a faster hiring time, which in turn lowers cost. With video capabilities, the hiring process is more streamlined and organized. GreenJob One-Way, for example, allows you (or other users) to review and organize candidates by job description and rating. Not only does it provide the company with an inexpensive way to bring in the new hires, it gives ground for easy collaboration.

According to a study conducted by PayScale 57% of companies see a major problem in retention. Yes, employees will leave their positions for new employment opportunities. It’s inevitable. Considering the average time spent at any given job is only about 4.6 years, it is expected that some positions will have a revolving door effect. The hiring process can be easier for everyone involved. The simplified process eases any trepidation from new hires and lays the groundwork for a sense of stability in the current workforce.

More importantly, however…

Video interviewing attracts candidates. This modern talent pool is concerned with technological advancement and the opportunity to be a part of a company ready and willing to broaden their high-tech horizons. The search for innovative talent is at an all-time high, so it’s time to widen the recruitment and hiring perspectives. With 68% of 18 to 25-year olds searching for new employment through their mobile devices, you can’t afford to not look at responsive options.

Ultimately, in order for the new hiring manager to perform at their best, the company will need to purchase the technology to help them do so. Video interviewing is just one of the tools that help HR departments function smoothly. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg though, so there is no need to worry about breaking the (not-so-large) budget.

Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to GreenJobInterview’s sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. She is involved in strategic planning, helping to managing the company’s resources, and improving its business processes. Need a better video interviewing solution? Take a demo today.

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