You can make writing your career. But the question is how you get started. If you ask professional writers,
they’ll tell you that you need to start somewhere. It can be anywhere. You can try reviewing books and submit your reviews to a local newspaper or a magazine. Better yet, you can start a blog. Although these methods won’t pay well, they can get your name in print. They can be a great step to something bigger and better. If your pieces aren’t published in a local newspaper or a magazine, you can start publishing them on your blog. Some stars are willing to be interviewed. These days, bloggers are also known as journalists. You must create small wins. These wins can help in building momentum over time. Build a relationship with other writers and publishers so your pieces will get published. Knowing them will help you become part of their circle. From there, you can easily get your pieces published. 

Building your author platform
It’s your next step in becoming a professional author. You must start building your author platform. It’s a
platform that lets you build an engaged readership. The first step in the construction of an author platform is to create an author website. It’s the place where your readers can learn about your compositions. They can receive updates on your latest piece and engage with you in a conversation. Make sure that your author website has your own domain name. Publish a few posts on your website to help humanize yourself. Focus on things that your readers might be interested in. You should also include some behind-the- scenes looks of how you write or sneak peeks of your writings.

Engage with your readers through social media
Social media is a great way for you to build an engaged readership. But make sure that you’re using the
social media where your potential readers are found. Remember that younger crowds are flocking to Twitter and Instagram; while the older audience is found on Facebook. But it’s not always the case. Thus, make sure to you perform a research to get to know your audience.

Build your brand
When you’re building an author platform, you must consider yourself as a brand. The first step to creating a brand is to be professional. Thus, avoid posting photos of yourself while eating for lunch or drinking coffee. Keep in mind that your readers are following you because of your novels. But of course, you can always show your interesting side. Don’t go overboard. As much as possible, focus on your work. When building your brand, you need to find your brand first. That is, you must define who you want as an author. Are you a nerd or a quirky one? How about a comedian? Once you find your brand, you can find ways to help you stand out from the crowd.

Check in with your readers
It’s how you build an engaged readership. As you get out there, you’re letting the readers know that they can reach out to you. But you must ensure that you’re willing to have the time to respond to their inquiries.

Finish your work
If you want to make writing your career, you must complete your work and get it out there. While finishing your novel or essay, make sure that you edit it multiple times. Use Wiz Essay to ensure that your piece is impeccable. That is without grammar errors, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. The sooner you publish your work, the sooner you can work on building a large audience and your writing career.

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