The majority of students do not like writing and consider it to be the most horrible task at school and university. But still much depends on the ability to write essays. It’s really a wonderful way to develop you writing skills, improve cognitive abilities and thinking.

You should do everything possible in order to get to get from your instructor the following question: is this plagiarism? The following tips will help you making you essay impressive and memorable.

Grabbing Sentence: you should use such a grabbing sentence at the beginning in order to captivate the attention of the audience, otherwise it would listen to you or read you writing. It may start with a question, some example from your life, quote, and statement. You may also challenge the reader and start speaking with them a once.

Be real: if you want to make your essay really memorable, you shouldn’t pretend to be another person. Be yourself and say what you think. Write with your inner voice and feelings. You should reveal your own personality in the essay. Include humor, honesty, and talk the way you talk every day.

Stop Being Boring: people do not like reading boring things. Try being intellectual to capture the audience’s attention. You should do everything in order to be marked as a unique and peculiar person. You should also know how to check if a paper has been plagiarized. Write in such a way to be asked to out next time as well.

Be Clear: people like reading, when everything is logical and clear. Do not make intricate sentences. Try building logical sentences and ideas during the whole essay. You should well organize all the thoughts, examples, and sections. You should give enough backgrounds facts and information.

Lasting Impression: people remember the last thinks very clearly. You should end your essay with really a memorable conclusion, which would stay in people’s minds. It should arouse emotions and tears. Make really a poignant final sentence, which would reveal all the truth.

Make It Beautiful: your essay should be really written in a beautiful language. Try using interesting words and phrases. Except this, choose a readable font. You may also include bold text type face for easier reading. Make clear and separate paragraphs. Check you an essay on mistakes, because they can spoil everything, even if it looks wonderful.

Thank you for reading my article!My name is Tobias Casey. I am a freelance writer with more than 5 years of experience in content writing and blogging, currently employed by where I help them with their blog. Also, on a part time basis, I do freelance tutoring. I help my students with their struggles to become a better writer, how to avoid grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes. How to be concise and yet descriptive. How to prove their point in the simplest language possible. How to use proper vocabulary, syntax, punctuation and tone of voice. And of course, how to avoid plagiarism in their reviews, essays and articles. Working in the education sphere, I realized how important it is to be helpful and to be able to deal with any problems students may have in their learning process. If you have any questions or just want to chat about writing, do not hesitate to contact me at email: or follow me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


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