How To Negotiate Multiple Job Offers And Keep Your Bridges Unburnt

Tech professionals frequently find themselves juggling job offers these days. The right skillset draws recruiters in droves to compete for extraordinary tech talent. Out of all their pitches, a few all-too-tempting offers will rise to the top. Though recruiters accept that weighing several options at once is the new norm, there can be considerable fallout when job seekers mismanage the way they negotiate multiple job offers.

Rather than crossing your fingers hoping you solve some unspoken etiquette test, here are our tips for handling multiple job offers without burning some crucial bridges.

How Job Seekers Hurt Their Reputation

How damaging is dropping all your other job offers? Put yourself in an employer’s position. Companies always put emphasis on reliable and predictable professionals. They go through meticulous interview, screening, and evaluation processes in the hopes of finding a dependable IT worker who gets results. Their perception of a candidate during these stages means everything.

Now, imagine a company makes an offer and their top candidate drops off the face of the earth. No advanced warning. No courtesy call. Nothing. A predictable IT pro becomes radioactive in an instant. Rather than let their network make the same mistake, many decision makers will give a friendly warning about pursuing that candidate. Now, duplicate that response over a few employers as candidates negotiate multiple job offers, and the ripple effect turns into a tidal wave.

In the short term, this might not seem problematic. You got the job you wanted. How other employers perceive you to be doesn’t have much immediate impact. However, if you work on a contract basis or search for new full-time work down the line, the mistakes of the past can haunt you longer than expected.

How to Safely Negotiate Multiple Job Offers

We understand that top tech pros are in demand and most will be working with multiple recruiters. If the various roles are actually a compatible career fit, we get the conundrum. That’s why we recommend you always act with these guidelines close at hand as you negotiate multiple job offers.

1.) Be Honest Upfront – A good relationship with a recruiter is built on mutual trust. You trust them to prioritize your needs and persuade decision makers you are the right fit. They trust you to act with transparency to guide their search and empower them in their jobs. Most recruiters would rather know about pending offers with other companies. Plus, your ability to negotiate multiple job offers goes up when you’re honest upfront.

Sound counterintuitive? Though some assume recruiters’ motivation goes down as the odds decrease, the opposite is true. Recruiters are naturally competitive and will push themselves to close the right role for you. Often, they’ll be able to encourage employers with an otherwise slow hiring process to speed up their decision rather than lose you.

2.) Leave No Offer Hanging – Uncertainty is worse than rejection. If you’ve ever applied for a job and heard nothing in response, you know the feeling. You would rather know that you are out of the running than be left without a clear answer indicating your decision. Companies feel the same way.

Rather than ghosting companies, you want to provide a clear acceptance or rejection. Whether you notify your recruiter and the company by phone or email is up to you. The effort it takes to let them know the outcome of your decision shows that you’re a professional, even in difficult situations.

3.) Thank Everyone Involved – Even if you don’t accept an offer, showing gratitude for their consideration goes a long way. Recruiters and companies take time to review your resume, schedule interviews, and evaluate your credentials. Receiving a simple thank you message shows that you appreciate all the effort they put into the process. Even though it might be disappointing to receive that rejection letter, the blow ends up being less abrasive if done conscientiously.

Getting the Right Offer in the First Place

If you want to avoid the complicated situation that is all too common as you negotiate multiple job offers, we don’t blame you. Having to tread lightly as you juggle relationships takes a lot out of someone. Instead of trying to maneuver through several hoops all at once, work with an IT staffing firm that is going to hunt down the best position for you in the first place.

At TransTech, we take your needs and career goals into full consideration. Check out our jobs or contact one of our technical recruiters today to get started on the easiest job search you’ve ever experienced.

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