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These Contract-to-Hire Pros and Cons Help Analyze IT Job Options

Are you being approached with a contract-to-hire opportunity? Don’t dismiss it outright. Though you might be uncertain about how this type of employment will work out, there are potential benefits for tech talent who embrace contract-to-hire work as part of their careers. Before you make a decision, either way, we recommend that you take a look at the contract-to-hire pros and cons.

Try Before You Buy

Contract-to-hire employment is treated as a trial run. Your job performance…


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Trouble Retaining Tech Talent? 5 Benefits will Keep Your Top People

How do you go about retaining tech talent when the turnover rate is aggressively high? That’s the question companies nationwide are asking. We’re at the point where some highly skilled IT professionals are being approached multiple times a week by tech recruiters, and many of those offers…


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How to be Certain Your IT Salary is Competitive

IT compensation appears to have finally leveled off. After years of IT salaries increasing by meteoric leaps, the average tech salary only went up from $92,081 to $92,712 in 2017, according to the Dice Salary…


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Prepare for these Information Security Threats in 2018

Hackers are always on the prowl for sensitive business data. Current forecasts of information security threats suggest that data breaches and cybercrime will continue to menace enterprises large and small throughout 2018. Worse still, cybercriminal tactics are evolving in consequential and ingenious ways that …


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Finding IT Contract Jobs that Better Fit Your Skills, Interests, and Goals

The current IT market is brimming with opportunities. It’s at the point where highly skilled job seekers can remain inactive and still find an IT consulting job. In fact, you have probably received dozens of messages in recent months…


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3 Ways Your Pre-Employment Assessment Loses Candidates

The scarcity created by the IT talent shortage understandably makes companies cautious about who they hire. To lower the number of bad hires, many implement a pre-employment assessment as a way of filtering out bad fits.…


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The Best IT Certifications to Get Your Dream Job in 2018

IT Certifications are not to be taken lightly. According to Global Knowledge, the salaries of certified IT professionals is on average 11.9% higher than their uncertified peers. Businesses explain elevating certified candidates’…


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3 UX Developer Skills That Will Attract Businesses to Your Portfolio

As a UX Developer, your professional portfolio needs to occupy two spaces at once: visual design and technical architecture. As the bridge between both worlds, anyone looking for UX development work needs to highlight more than just technologies in their profile. They must demonstrate how they get form and function to coexist in each project and prove they understand…


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Keeping Employee Attrition Rates Low in a Tight Market

As of 2016, tech industry turnover rate was 560,250 professionals per month, reaching a ten year high in the United States. With no sign attrition will naturally decrease, organizations are compelled to consider hiring and retention strategies that…


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Hiring Predictive Analysis: Using Data to Target Perfect Candidates

What if you could predict the job performance and longevity of your next tech hire? The signs are there if you know what to look for. Enough data exists in your organization and through public and private resources to transform your candidate searches from gut reactions to repeatable formulas.

At best, only …


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3 LinkedIn Makeover Tips that Attract the Right Job Opportunities

On LinkedIn, top tech professionals are regularly greeted with an unruly mob of job opportunities in their inboxes. Whether the majority is relevant to their career goals or misses the mark depends on how each LinkedIn profile is written. Used correctly, this social media platform can be a beacon guiding you to …


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How to Offer IT Contractor Rates to Attract Top Talent

There is a tug of war going on between departmental budgets and IT contractor pay rates. As IT contractor rates continue to escalate, managers are caught in a dilemma: underbid and lose candidates or make the hire and exhaust budgets early. A happy medium between the two is possible if companies base their hiring decisions on the average hourly wages of tech…


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4 Ways to Compare Your IT Salary

In most instances, job seekers who are capable of framing their technical experience and interpersonal skills as a high value service receive the most job offers. And like any premium service, it deserves fair compensation. Rather than over or underbidding, job seekers need to know how to compare IT salaries to recognize offers that align with their…


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4 Examples of When Hiring IT Consultants is Better For Business

The market has come a long way from the days when businesses could get by with just a dedicated IT generalist or network administrator. Advances in enterprise technology upped the ante. Regardless of size or industry vertical, companies in the current market thrive by hiring diverse IT professionals with a command of complex IT tools and services.

However, few…


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Is Becoming an IT Contractor the Right Fit? ( If so, Here's How)

When moving from one IT position to another, engagement and on-the-job satisfaction should never be overlooked. However, some tech professionals find that full time work no longer energizes them the same way. In fact, it’s encouraging many job seekers to consider the benefits of becoming an IT contractor.

Each year, opportunities expand as industry demand for…


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Chicago Companies Face 3 Challenges in Hiring Tech Talent

Chicago is home to its share of startups, satellite tech campuses, Fortune 500s, and innovators across verticals. Yet the Second City’s tech climate differs from that of Silicon Valley and NYC. CBRE’s Annual “Scoring Tech Talent” report placed Chicago among the top 15 metro…


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Improving Diversity in Technology with 5 Clear Actions

Workplace diversification is the financial boost tech companies overlook. McKinsey & Co. identified that companies with a higher representation of women or ethnic minorities in their workforce financially outperform less diverse competitors by 15%…


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How to Sell Your Brand As You Interview Job Candidates

Top IT professionals have no shortage of employment options. They aren’t limited to a “fish or chicken” type of decision. In fact, surveys conducted by Indeed find that 86% of tech hiring managers and recruiters find it challenging to hire, find, and keep technical talent.…


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How To Negotiate Multiple Job Offers And Keep Your Bridges Unburnt

Tech professionals frequently find themselves juggling job offers these days. The right skillset draws recruiters in droves to compete for extraordinary tech talent. Out of all their pitches, a few all-too-tempting offers will rise to the top. Though recruiters accept that weighing several options at once is the new norm, there can be considerable fallout when job…


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