How to source on the lesser known sites!! Winmo!!

Winmo is a leading  sales prospecting tool, and obviously not free. That said there is always a way and as this can be a great place to find candidates, I decided to find a way. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple search with some extras, and a whole lot of website searching


So to source within Winmo you simply need to use a skill known as xraying, like the one below.


If you run the strings above in google you will get the results below.

Now of course this is generic so simply add what you are searching for to the string.


Now once you open up a person use your detective skills you have learned from my blogs and videos and away you go.


If you need more info on X-raying see my blog post


See my YouTube video on x-raying


Until next week, may the source be with you!

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Comment by Glenn Gutmacher on March 21, 2020 at 7:46pm

Nice share, Dean. What's also interesting here is that even though Winmo obfuscates the email address on the result pages, they kindly substitute the exact number of asterisks for the number of actual characters being replaced. Therefore, for example, you can see Prakash Bedaputi has an email starting with p but followed by 15 asterisks up to the @ sign, even though his total name has only 14 more characters. This likely means his email is first name dot last name (or maybe underscore) And I knew the rest of the email because there were 10 asterisks after the @ sign, and if you google the company name and primary address (provided under each result) followed by the word email, you will see the company email domain among the first results (or more efficiently, google Lennox International and it's the first result!). So only 1 or 2 emails you need to test, or simply email the more likely one and bcc: the other address. Only one should bounce back as undeliverable, so you'll know which one was the valid email! Similarly Jorge Garcia has only 4 asterisks following up to the @ sign, so we know it's first name @.  You can use the same methods above to see the email domain is which matches the 11 asterisks presented after @ for his email!  These people could be found using other contact info lookup tools, but if you've run out of credits for the month on those, you can skip using them if the person you want is on this website!


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