How To Use Customer Intelligence To Enhance Support Services With Zendesk Integrations

Today, the dilemma which most businesses are facing is ‘how to engage with customers.’ This question is haunting every business owner and despite shifting effort from product to customer, they are still wondering why results are not pouring down the sale funnel. The simple answer to this is, there is a need to understand customers apart from shifting efforts of marketing, sales, and support to customer satisfaction. It will only become possible when the business stacks its CRM with the right tools i.e. Zendesk Integrations with Zoho, Odoo, and HubSpot.

Wondering why? Because it is a service-centric CRM that is designed to assist the sales and support executive in the best way possible. But to get Zendesk Consulting Services you have to reach out to a Zendesk consultant or Zendesk Developer, to get the ball rolling.

To help you understand how business can shift their attention from customer satisfaction to customer intelligence we have crafted this article with utmost care. Here you will find a complete overview of what Customer Intelligence is, where you can find the data to build CI, and how Zendesk integrations can help you achieve optimal success.

Where you can get hold of Customer Intelligence – CI

Customer intelligence is the process of knowing your customers and designing strategies around their interests, and with the aim to resolve problems. And, the knowledge about your customer can only be extracted from the following sources.

  1. CRM – When it comes to understanding customers, the best way to do this is using CRM. Since it is used by Marketing, Sales, and Support teams, it hosts personalized data. Using this, you can answer the most pressing questions of who your customers are, where they are located, what services or products they are viewing, how they use your website, and what problem they faced while navigating through your website. And, you can also use the data collected by Zendesk Sales CRM, and integrate it with the central system to ensure it is accessible to all when needed.
  2. 360-Degree Data resources – Another way to get the answers of how, what, why, where, and why, you can use social media platforms, websites, applications, and other customer touchpoints, where customers directly or indirectly get in touch with the businesses.
  3. Insights from Support Agent & Customer touchpoints – Lastly, the best source of knowing insights that data doesn’t offer is either interviewing the sales and support executives or interviewing customers directly. Doing this activity will reveal a rich amount of data that is otherwise not accessible.

How Zendesk Integrations Can Help In Making Sense Of CI

When it comes to customer service and support, Zendesk is considered one of the best CRMs that offer everything that a support agent needs to one dashboard. On top of this, its interface is intuitive, meaning the dashboard is automatically customized on the basis of customer queries.

For example, if a customer is looking for a user manual then the dashboard will bring a search bar that the support executive can use to swiftly resolve the customer ticket. Moreover, it also provides access to customer data collected from the marketing and sale department, which give support executive the background on the customer and help in providing contextual support.

Another feature is Zendesk Sales. It is a complete CRM suite that consists of applications and features which one can use to automate the email campaign, automate recurring tasks, create an intuitive sale pipeline, develop content to support every client need, and set everything to automation. As a result, the customer will get a contextual response, whenever a certain tag is triggered.


Unlike in the past, today’s customers are well-informed and aware of the fact that they got a lot of options. This is putting a lot of pressure on business, especially on the marketing department in devising tactics that could yield fruitful results. And, the core of everything is customer satisfaction.

But, providing instant response to the customers, integrating chatbots to websites, applications, and social media is not enough, especially, if you don’t know who your customers are and what problems they are facing, and what they are doing to resolve the issues. The best CRM and ERP solutions to this is, integrating third-party applications into your system, and creating an ecosystem where decisions are driven by data.

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