A while back, we created this Venn Diagram to remind us of how Twitter relationships work:

Keep in mind that almost all Twitter content is public (with the exception of direct messages and, to some extent, locked accounts). This open environment -- that any user can tune into any other user's updates without permission -- is what makes Twitter different from other social networks.

As recruiters, there is great value in attracting a significant number of followers; we want our content to reach as many potential candidates and leads as possible.

There is also great value in following a number of carefully selected tweeters. I find that following a set of diverse, active tweeters, across many disciplines creates a dynamic learning resource. I know other recruiters, however, who only follow potential candidates within an industry or profession, eliminating much of the random content. There is no right or wrong way to determine who to follow.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is the overlap; the folks you follow who follow you back. These are your most important Twitter relationships, where the conversation can be two-way. While not everyone you follow will follow you back -- um, hellooo Ashton Kutcher -- the content you share can help you attract "desirable" followers.

(Originally written for the Tweetajob Weekly Newsletter. To subscribe, visit http://bit.ly/bjVEG2)

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Comment by Jonathan Duarte on February 24, 2010 at 1:21pm
Hi Carmen!
Great post!
I'd also like to add, that a great tip for any recruiters looking to get targeted followers!

1. Find the Tought Leaders who are tweeting in your niche, on both a national and local level. These are often that speakers at industry trade shows that your Target Recruits might read, follow, listen to, or somehow associate with.

2. On Twitter, follow the people who are following the Thought Leaders you found above. Chances are these are one of the highest target markets of individual twitter users that are your potential hires in the future.

3. Spend 15-30 minutes each day, or 3 days a week, reading the tweets of the thought leaders and your new "list of Target Recruits". Anytime someone posts a questions or professional insight, or other note, that is worthy of noting, Retweet it!

Several things will happen if you consistently do this over a course of a couple of weeks.. the results are pretty quick.
1. Most people are excited to find out that someone is reading their tweets... and not only listening, but passing it on ("retweeting").
2. When you find someone retweeted your message, most people are curious to find out who you are... so guess what... they review your profile, check out your previous posts, and if all goes well... they probably follow you back...
3. Your on your way to engaging and growing your talent pool on twitter.
Comment by Margo Rose on February 24, 2010 at 3:45pm
I agree with what both you and Jonathan Duarte said. In fact, I think that's how I was able to get both of you to follow me back. Engaging and interaction is key. Relationships build and develop as the result of a meaningful exchange. It's not enough to follow, and follow back, it's important to engage, befriend, and provide value to one another. I've developed real bonds with people I've never met. When I met 50 of my colleagues at the last HRevolution, it was like old home week. What a joy, and to think that twitter brought us together.

You are so special Carmen. And, while I've admired you in cyberspace, I look forward to the day when we meet in person. I'll give you a big hug for such an awesome person. Are you going to SourceCon or ERE?
Comment by Carmen Hudson on February 26, 2010 at 2:11am
Great comments from both of you! Jonathan - would you mind if I quoted from your comments in a future newsletter? The readers are primarily recruiters -- many haven't taken the time to fully explore Twitter; your concise step-by-step instructions will be very helpful.

Margo - YES! I will be at ERE - can't wait to connect with you. The admiration is mutual --you attract many followers because you share great stuff, and because you have a personality! See you soon!


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