Any time i have to pick a number between 1 and 10 i pick 7.  I always have.  I don't know why it just is what it is.  I like the way 7 looks when i write it or type it. 

For years i had 7 recruiters on staff.  When one quit or i fired one i would hire one more, never over 7 and never under 7.  If somebody came along who wanted to join the team i had to tell them that they would have to wait until somebody moved, quit or died then i would give them a call.  I once called a guy and asked him if he was still ready to join the team.  He asked me if somebody had died.  Nope, one just quit but if she hadn't i was about to kill her so i guess it's sort of the same thing.  I will kill myself to make 7 placements a month.  It's a simple metric for all you metric freaks.  If i don't hit 7 by the third week i'll give away one or two just to be sure i hit the number.  If i close 7..finito..sorry it's over for a few days until the calendar flips.  Anything over 7 would upset the balance.

I have 7 horses.  There are 7 cats at the barn, when one disappears i go find another one.  When we are over run with kitty babies i find new homes for all but 7.  At one point i had 7 dogs between home and the country but dogs need more attention and they make more noise than cats, horses and recruiters so there are 3 dogs, but they are all big dogs so they take as much time as 7 and eat as much as 7 so it balances.

Thank God i don't have 7 kids and i haven't been married 7 times.  Those last two 7's would not only have  been unlucky they would have been insane.


On Friday September 9, 2011 i will hit the big 7.  As in 70 years old.  I love the way that looks when i type it.  Sure is better than seeing it in an obit, n'est pas.  Everybody i know is all worried about being old themselves and can't figure out why my bio rhythms are off the top of the chart.  I don't know maybe i feel like i'm lucky to have lived this long and hit the magic lucky number. (There were some folks who would have made book at several points that i would never get there for lots of funny reasons).  Crazy horses, crazy friends, crazy candidates, crazy clients and always being the one who says, "What the hell, let's give it a try, what's the worst thing that can happen?" 

 So i can't answer why i am so excited about 70 but it's just cool, fun, exciting heady stuff to see that number in print or tell somebody and they look shocked or say, "you can't be that old".  Good genes will do it every time.  Thanks mom i won 50 bucks this week saying, "Ya wanna bet?" (And by the way the avatar pic is three years old, taken by my grand daughter with her cell phone lest you think it's a glam shot).

 So i have been trying to figure out why i feel that way when everybody else is freaking out about being old at 50 or 55, god forbid they live to be 70, they will be hanging in a tree like dried up fruit or trying to remember the number for "Life Alert" or getting quotes on a "Hover Round." I have been thinking about being 70 and here is what occurs to me.


I have been a recruiter exactly half of my life.  Now think about that.  There may be others that can say that but maybe not many who can say that at 70 they have worked in the same place for half of their whole life.  Hell maybe there are lot who have or will but it sounds nifty to me that i started in this business when i was 35 and i've been recruiting for 35 years. I quit counting how many people i have placed when i hit 3000.  The total number didn't mean anything but 7 a month does.  Besides, recruiting is inside and one can sit down, so until i start drooling on my keyboard who knows how long i will continue to flesh peddle.  I just got really good at this stuff about 15 years ago and i get better at it with each passing year.  I don't mind telling a client that they are way off base.  Clients are like buses if you miss one there will be another one along sooner rather than later.  I take care of my clients, if they don't take care of me feed em' fish heads and let them cut their wisdom teeth on somebody else.  I have those bite scars i got when i thought the client was always right.


I think it is hilarious that if i go out with somebody who is 50 to 55 there are folks who would call me a Cougar.  Ya gotta love that one.


At my age sexual harrassment is a compliment so quit all your whining about who made a comment about your fanny or patted you on the arm and said you looked hot.  The last time somebody told me i looked hot i thought they meant i was having a hotflash.  I have learned to say "Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself for an old dude."  Course they can't hear me so the neat thing about being 70 is you can say anything you want to , to an old dude and he can't hear you so if you smile when you say it the old fools think you like them.


So for those of you who are just starting in recruiting or those who think 10 or 15 years is a long time.  Stay with it kids.  The longer you are in this industry the better you get.  Anybody can stand on the top of the mountain and tell you how great they are but make it through the valleys and enjoy the mountain tops cause there will be another valley and another mountain top and maybe someday when you hit your lucky 7 you will be as excited about this industry as i remain after spending exactly half my life in it.


The next time you have one of those candidates who is freaking out about their age tell them you know a "cougar recruiter" who might be able to help somebody their age if they don't mind working with an older woman.  Ha! Let's Roll.  Places to go, people to see and money to be made.  It's easy to follow me on twitter but trying to follow me around on any given day, be ready to come early, stay late and pack a lunch.






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Comment by Chantelle Legg on September 8, 2011 at 7:36am
I would just like to add Happy Birthday Sandra :)
Comment by Helen Burbank (Appleby) on September 8, 2011 at 7:50am

A very happy birthday to you Sandra!

I hope that 7 is as lucky for me as for you as I also always choose 7 when I have to pick a number. 

Comment by Suresh on September 8, 2011 at 8:47am
happy birthday Sandra..
Comment by Sandra McCartt on September 8, 2011 at 9:14am
Thanks so much for the well wishes. It's a great ride,my take is that there are several more jumps on the course before the dressage class starts. :)
Comment by Amy Ala Miller on September 8, 2011 at 9:15am
Happy early Birthday friend... you continue to inspire.  :)
Comment by Ken Forrester on September 8, 2011 at 9:22am

Just when you think you know someone-you realize how much you really don't know about them.

Sandra, I have read many of your post/comments and I always wondered how you came up with those thoughts and the humor in which you communicate them.  Now I know.  Thanks for connecting the pieces of the puzzle regarding your years of experience on this earth.  Obviously, recruiting has been a success story for you and I feel special to learn from some of the experiences that you have shared.  Thank you Sandra...

Comment by Sandra McCartt on September 8, 2011 at 9:38am
@Amy thanks young friend. When I get ready to pass the torch you are gonna get that little mother.

@Ken, you are not the first person who has wondered where she comes up with that stuff. I have always gotten a kick out of life, people and recruiting. In my world everything good or bad makes a funny story. If I am expert at anything it's that I have every mistake it's possible to make in this business and lived to laugh about it. It's the mistakes I make twice that piss me off. Don't know if I can teach anybody much but I am usually good for a laugh. :)
Comment by Melissa Zentgraf on September 8, 2011 at 10:20am

I want to be you when I grow up.  :)


As someone who "started late" in recruiting, I'm even more inspired now.

Excuse me while I go and source....

Comment by Bill Boorman on September 8, 2011 at 10:48am

Happy Birthday Sandra. 35 years recruiting. What did you do up to 35? I now feel inexperienced having worked around the industry only 27 years. How many clients have you kept for 30+ years? A great achievement. Will tip my hat to you and then change it


Comment by Pamela deForce on September 8, 2011 at 10:55am

Sandra, I can only hope that in 10 years I look half as good as you do and am half as successful.  I LOVE your posts - your energy - and your outlook on life.  THANKS from someone who started in this business very late [2 1/2 years ago].  Happy Happy Birthday!



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