Improving Quality Hire: Top Recruitment Priority

The latest LinkedIn Talent Solutions report on 2016 Global Recruiting Trends has released the TOP primacies in talent acquisition for the current year. After extensive research surveying 4000 HR leaders all around the world, results suggest that quality hire is the most valuable metric for recruiting performance according to 39% of talent leaders.

Quality hire, however, is a complicated metric to meet. HR departments nowadays lack confidence in measuring quality and no universal definition on how to track it has been agreed upon. From skeeled we share with you the 3 key measures, which according to 50% of global HR leaders, are the main aspects that define and improve quality hire.

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  1. Performance based-hiring.

Replacing traditional job descriptions with performance objectives changes dramatically how hiring is done but allows to assess quality hire more realistically. The method consists in measuring skills, competences, knowledge and behaviors not only by what the candidate claims to have but on how well that person has accomplished something comparable in the past.

For example, a customer service officer is required to have strong verbal skills. The most effective way to verify it is by letting the candidate explain how such skill has been acquired through previous experience (e.g. spent 80% of the time organizing appointments with new clients and 20% providing customer solutions to angry customers). Assessing someone’s work allows predicted performance getting closer to actual performance.

  1.  Candidate experience

Improving candidate experience is another key point to achieve quality in hiring. It is therefore mandatory as a recruiter to put yourself in the candidate shoes and mind that even if the vast majority of applicants will not be entitled to the position, positive experience is worth the investment! The Candidate Experience Report 2014 reveals “98% of the candidates who had a positive candidate experience would refer others to the organisation, 88% would increase their purchases with this company and 50% of them would share it on social networks” (BeepJobUk, 2015).

Candidates should be treated as people and not numbers. Candidate experience improves quality hire when all candidates have equal chances of being selected for the position and when the company is able to adapt to their preferences. That’s why modern HR technology allows simplifying the process and motivating passive talents to apply, enabling to find hidden talents. Pre-recorded video interviews and personality assessments allow all candidates in the process to take the same opportunity as the rest while interacting closely with the company!

  1. Hiring Manager satisfaction

HR managers’ opinion in relation to the current recruitment process also plays a main role here. Quality hiring mostly depends onmanagers’ satisfaction level towards how qualified the applicants presented are, how well the new hires are performing after they begin to work and whether the overall hiring process works smoothly for both the company and the candidate.

Finding talent with best performance objectives, improving candidate experience and increasing hiring managers’ satisfaction towards the recruitment process are the 3 most effective answers in order to track best quality at hiring. Standardised CV templates enabling applicants to fill in the skills acquired in past experiences help your department strive for the best performance objectives.Video interviews and personality assessments ensure that no candidate is left behind the process thus enhancing candidate experience, reducing time and cost in hiring and increasing managers satisfaction in quality hire.

Discover the future of candidate screening technology and find out how to implement excellence with skeeled: a revolution to your HR department!

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