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The power of (asynchronous) Video-Interviewing

One of the most technological advancements when it comes to modern recruiting is the use of asynchronous video-interviews. Are you a recruiter? Are you willing to maximise efficiency in your selection processes? Then this one is for you!

Asynchronous video-interviews in HR consist on conducting a one-way direction dialogue between the candidate and the…


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Improving Employer Branding Online

The concept of employer branding has nowadays become an important trend for companies to attract best talent and also retain their employees via the organisation’s reputation and its value proposition.

As modern recruitment lovers here at skeeled, today we will focus on three main aspects that shape a fruitful employer branding and talent attraction strategy within the online world – where candidates are found in the…


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Quest for Quality: is the CV experience enough?

During the recent months, we have been dealing with several debates on recruiters’ preferences to the kind of candidates they want to see stepping through their pipeline.

It might seem obvious that the higher the amount of candidates applying for a position results in a greater chance of obtaining more quality applicants. However, reality shows that the…


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[Infographic] 3 Tips On New Recruitment

Here it goes! The NEW infographic made by skeeled this week :)…


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The 3 Modern Steps in Candidate Screening [Infographic]

Welcome back again to skeeled

Today our team would like to share with you our new infographic in which we share with you the 3 ultimate steps in recruitment in order to enhance your quality at hiring and reduce the time and costs incurred in the hiring process.

Enjoy and Share :)…


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Improving Quality Hire: Top Recruitment Priority

The latest LinkedIn Talent Solutions report on 2016 Global Recruiting Trends has released the TOP primacies in talent acquisition for the current year. After extensive research surveying 4000 HR leaders all around the world, results suggest that quality hire is the most valuable metric for recruiting performance…


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Welcome 2016: The new era in recruitment technology!

Here it comes! 2016 has arrived full of new resolutions for improvement within the HR industry. Technology is on its rise within the sector and pre-screening software is taking the lead towards enhancement in quality hire and recruitment process acceleration.

Candidate screening technology is shaping the way HR departments acquire new talent. It clearly offers new alternatives to traditional methods of recruitment and helps reducing the cost incurred in the hiring process.…


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Online recruitment: the boom in candidate screening

It is undoubtedly certain that recent technological advancements have shaped the way companies operate internationally. The global access to internet allows HR departments nowadays to conduct their talent acquisition strategies within the open web-based space, thus enabling adaptation to where clearly the vast majority of job seekers are. Such integrating mechanism offers a fruitful adding value approach for companies, leading them to reach a greater number of talented candidates matching…


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The new race for talent is back

Western World countries are still suffering the consequences of a critical economic recession which has led to enormous unemployment rates. One of the most affected and concerned groups of individuals when speaking in terms of growth, employment and innovation, are the young people.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the current situation is on its way to improve the frustrating levels of widespread unemployment. Companies are in need for growth and their willingness to outperform…


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Implementing effective personality tests

Identifying if the applicant has the skills to perform the specific job is a well-known key factor to analyze during the recruitment process. However, the procedure should also importantly focus on recognizing whether we are dealing with the right type of person who will conduct the activities required.

archetype_intro (1).jpg

Personality tests play a crucial role when measuring whether the person’s work style and predictive behaviour match the job at stake. It is clear that the 2000s have…


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Recruitment predictions for 2016: HR technology

Modern processes of recruitment still come with downsides in terms of time, cost or even outcome in quality hire. Long hours screening CVs and interviewing candidates? Lack of qualified candidates for the role? High costs in advertising vacancies? Coping with such reality in an ever-increasing competitive market is a challenge for even the most dedicated recruiter.

So far, an online platform such as LinkedIn has proved to be a great substitute to the…


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