The Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS) stated that December had the highest level of job openings since January 2001. This is a sign that the economy is improving, but also that recruiting is getting more difficult. As demand increases overall, so does the competition for talent. Throughout the US, there are 17 qualified candidates in the current workforce for each unique job opening. If hiring demand continues to rise, this number may shrink. The number of candidates per job opening is considered the demand pressure that Recruiters are likely to face when filling a position. The demand pressure is likely to change depending on the occupation, skill requirements, and location. 

To give you an idea of demand pressure fluctuations, I examined the 30 most commonly advertised occupations and the number of available candidates per job ad, based on data from WANTED Analytics. I listed the occupations that have 15 or fewer candidates per job opening, which indicates intense demand pressure.


Registered Nurse was the most in-demand occupation in January, yet surprisingly, demand pressure for this job wasn't among the lowest. There were about 12 Registered Nurses per unique job ad. Web Developers and Marketing Managers had the lowest number of candidates per job opening, 2 per ad. Industrial Engineers, Medical Health Services Managers, and IT Project Managers each had 5 or fewer candidates per ad. 

If you’re recruiting these positions, you are probably encountering difficulty filling these jobs. However, there are ways that you can find talent. Consider relocating candidates for the position. While there may be 2 Marketing Managers per unique job opening throughout the US on average, there may be greater concentrations of candidates in certain locations. Atlantic City, NJ currently has the best recruiting conditions for Marketing Managers. In this area the candidate supply exceeds demand. Atlantic City has 21 Marketing Managers per job opening, compared to 2 per ad nationally. The New York metro area is among those with the most challenging hiring conditions for Marketing Managers. Recruiters in this area may be able to convince candidates to move closer to New York for their position. A move from Southern Jersey to Northern Jersey would put the candidate in a commutable distance from New York City while remaining within their original region. Employers can also consider a telecommuting opportunity to those who may not be willing to move. This would increase their talent pool.

2.17.15 Marketing Managers in Atlantic City, NJ

Additionally, compare your offered salary to the market average. The median average salary for Web Developers is $91,500 nationally. This is the advertised salary included in job ads to attract candidates, not necessarily the agreed upon value between employer and employee. The median Web Developer salary in the Los Angeles metro area matches the national average. However, the median salary is higher in Washington, DC and in San Francisco, $107K and $110K respectively. Make sure your salary is competitive in your market, so you can attract the best talent. Also consider what benefits your competition is offering. Some list their perks in the careers section on their website. Examine their benefits to see how you can match or beat their offerings.


Are these jobs proving difficult for you to recruit? How many candidates per opening are you finding?

This article originally appeared on Analysis, a WANTED Analytics blog.


Ashley Zito Rowe writes for the WANTED Analytics blog, Analysis, and her wine blog, NJ Wine with Me. Ashley’s articles and insight have been featured on or cited by Forbes,, ERE, American Staffing Association,, GetOutsideNJ, and Hometown Quarterly. She is also a Marketing Manager for WANTED Analytics, focusing on customer and social media engagement. When Ashley isn’t researching hiring trends or drinking NJ wines, she’s likely to be adventuring somewhere in NJ, painting something, or watching Disney movies.

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Comment by Noel Cocca on February 27, 2015 at 8:48am

Excellent data Ashley...

Comment by Ashley Zito Rowe on February 27, 2015 at 9:36am

Thank you! I hope Recruiters and job seekers both find it useful.


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