Innovation and Motivation In The Recruiting Industry

Recently reading a post suggesting that great innovation may be coming soon in recruiting from third party agencies or RPOs brought some great perspective for me. Where does real innovation come from? It comes from motivated individuals and that motivation most of the time is related to profit. So when I look at the recruiting world it makes all the sense in the world that the innovation will come from third party recruiters. Don’t get me wrong, there are very talented corporate recruiters out there as well as others in different roles in the industry. However, when your paycheck depends on finding the individual that gets hired, your motivation is higher and what you will do to find new ways to find the right people will be much greater. I include retained search recruiters in this as well since they will simply lose the client if they can’t find the right people. In that sense, third party agencies are all in the same position from my perspective.

But that position is good and it is great for the industry. I’ll take it a step further and say that it is not just innovation that will come from third party recruiters, but the strongest effort to find the right candidate when needed comes from them. Reality is that, even with all the advances in recruiting and communication, finding the right candidate in many situations has become even more difficult. While many roles can easily be filled without using a third party agency, the best way to find that difficult fill is still going outside and it will continue to be the best way going forward. I see our role as becoming more clearly defined and more important and when companies need that extra effort to find the right candidate, third party recruiters are going to continue to be the best option. If I’m in those shoes, I want a partner or partners that are motivated to innovate and do whatever it takes to find the right candidate for me.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec & Associates

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Comment by Ken Forrester on March 17, 2010 at 9:29am
Todd, I totally agree and I think that you may be on to something here.
If I can take your thoughts one step further, you may notice that a lot of the blog posts as of late are coming from Third Party Recruiters. Could it be that it only the best of the best of the TPRs are still in the business today, after the greatest financial meltdown since the depression?

That’s something to think about!

I listened to some of the speakers at the #ereexpo live stream and I sense that HR is finally recognizing a major problem with corporate recruitment, specifically the “black hole”. A problem caused by technology. Now their focus is on candidate experience, engagement and skill evaluation; which are the core values that successful TPRs bring to the table. The only problem is that they are attempting to solve those challenges with more technology.


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