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Candidates In Control

It’s a candidate market right now in many industries. More and more candidates have multiple offers and strong counter offers to stay where they are.


This adds another significant challenge on already difficult searches. Overall growth does this. When there is more business for everyone in an industry, everyone has to ramp up to some degree to take advantage of it. This squeezes the candidate pool and has created a very challenging recruiting market for…


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Starting From Scratch

The good thing about starting from scratch is the clean slate.  You can take a good look at what you are trying to accomplish and then recruit for the people that can get it done.  The potential for success is much greater that way.  Filling holes, recruiting on the run, trying to satisfy a shortcoming on the team……these things do not promote an all out attack on what you are trying to accomplish.

But if your recruiting process for filling those needs is starting from scratch, the…


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…expands reach by leaps and bounds.  No matter how you recruit, you have to network.  Network off of your database of contacts.  Network off of new contacts.  Network, network, network.

Somebody that you have access to in the industry that you are recruiting for knows someone who is open to considering your opportunity.  Ask.  Network. Enlist the help of your contacts and you’ll expand reach and fill important needs.…


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What Hiring Managers Want

It’s not a secret and it isn’t hard to figure out, but many recruiters have no clue.

Hiring managers don’t want to read a lot.

They don’t want to sit around listening to your sales pitch.

They can’t stand the idea of weeding through resumes of mediocre candidates.

They have no interest in interviewing candidates that can’t be the one they will hire (whether that is because of a lack of qualifications, desire for too much money, or skeletons in the closet that will…


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Who Does That?

Incredibly, we’ve seen a couple of situations lately where a new hire walked off of the job after or even during the first day.

One of the hiring managers asked, “who does that?”  The answer, of course, is someone that you don’t want to employ.  Walking off the job without having a conversation with your supervisor says a lot.

Character matters and it’s impossible to hide from.



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No Shortcuts

Building a great team is not easy.  There are no shortcuts.  Recruiting plans tend to be more fly by the seat of your pants in nature.  I need this, get it for me now.

A great recruiting plan focuses on continuously finding the best talent you can for all of the roles you need to fill.  If you can’t be patient on a given role, you may have to settle.  But overall, the effort needs to be sustained and resilient.  Top talent doesn’t always move easily and doesn’t always move now. …


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Never Enough Arms

One adage in baseball is that you never have enough arms.  What it means is that pitching is important and good pitching is always at risk.  One of your pitchers might get injured, or might flake out.  A minor hitch may cause one of them to lose the strike zone.  A situation can come up where you just need a slightly different skill set, and then you realize that you need that skill set regularly.

Same thing in recruiting.  If you’ve built a great team and they are performing…


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Truly Passive

We like to use the term passive candidate. We don’t want to hire someone who is looking for a job, we want passive candidates.

But it’s not an either or thing. A truly passive candidate isn’t taking your call. They aren’t open to a change. At some point, things may change for that candidate and they become open to at least talking, possibly considering a change.

What you want is a partially passive candidate or a mostly passive candidate.

Someone who is good and doesn’t…


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Cultural Fit

You know the guy who is always joking around, even while working? What about the one that is always serious, focused, no time for additional conversation? He’s too this. She’s too that. They don’t fit the company culture. Unless they do.

Your company culture is your culture and successful teams don’t all have the same culture. Talented people in the wrong culture won’t thrive. Not like they will in the right culture. If you’re building a great business, the candidate pool is limited…


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Skewing Young

Millennials are now the largest generation in the work force and they are largely underpaid. That says a lot.

Hiring younger, less experienced, workers to replace more experienced, more expensive, workers is nothing new. It’s a business decision that in a lot of cases makes the most sense. The numbers will tell if accomplishing nearly as much with a much lower salary will improve the bottom line. And, of course, the less expensive employee may improve to the point where they are…


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Brand Matters

You check references to see what you can find out about a candidate that you are seriously considering. How hard do they work? Are they reliable? Skills, Character, History. What does their overall brand say about them?

If there are problems or red flags you are more likely to pass. If the brand is strong, a positive compelling story, you are more likely to hire.

The story is the same from the…


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What's Possible

What’s possible is so much more than what we are typically going for, what we are currently positioned to do.

Business shouldn’t just be about making a profit, solid average growth, making it work. It should be about What’s possible. If you could bring in the right talent, build a certain team with certain skills, what could you do? What could you build?

Figure out what’s possible and go build it.…


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War For Talent

Maybe it’s more like little skirmishes in individual situations, but it’s happening. Josh McDaniels, the New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, was said to have accepted the head coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts and then changed his mind and turned it down.

Did McDaniels get a counter offer? Sounds like it. He’s not the only one. Any time you get unemployment down to pretty low levels you are going to have some degree of a war for talent. Companies are growing and…


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Degree Required

Most jobs, not all….. but most, that you recruit for require a college degree. This is a basic first requirement for a lot of searches that recruiters work on. Most of the time, required means required. Must have.

Sometimes, degree required means degree preferred. For the right candidate with the right skills and background, we can deal with them not having a degree.

Two thirds of adults in the US do not have a college degree. That’s a startling statistic when you spend much of…


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Not On Your Schedule

The right fit is not always there on your schedule. Too many times, in recruiting, we run into a friend, acquaintance, or candidate that is looking for a change and they want or need it to happen now. Out of a job, can’t stand where I’m at, finally realized that this isn’t the right fit or best fit for me.

This is your schedule and the rest of the world doesn’t adhere to your schedule. While there is surely a better fit available, it may not be the right fit, a great fit. All…


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Re-Setting The Bar

The other day I heard about a friend of a friend who had been out of work. This was a company move and layoff because of the move. No fault of the employee, and by all indications a pretty talented guy.

Regardless of the talent, he’s been looking and hasn’t found anything for about six months. He is an experienced candidate and he interviewed recently for an entry level role. Not the right fit. The company is interested in him and willing to hire him at the entry level or near entry…


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Better Parts

How will your business look at the end of 2018? Hopefully better. If things are good now, you still want better. Better parts, better business.

Companies are putting plans in motion to improve this year. Those plans will involve a lot of recruiting to replace weaker parts and to add businesses, product lines, or divisions. Identifying key areas for improved or additional talent is critical and will lead the way to a better business by the end of the year.…


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Acquisition of Talent and Development

In sports, acquisition of talent and development is the name of the game. You win with better talent and better development of that talent.

Alabama and Georgia in college football. Duke and Kentucky in college basketball. The Patriots in the NFL, the Yankees in major league baseball. Any team that rises to the top is successful because they acquired and developed better talent.

The drive to obtain the best talent in sports is relentless and great businesses are no…


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Not For Everyone

Maybe not for you. In recruiting we tend to fall into the trap of the ideal candidate. While there are tremendously talented people that any company would benefit from having on board, there are too many talented people out there to make any one candidate the ideal fit for every business.

One particular great candidate is not for everyone and maybe not for your business. Focus on fit is extremely important. What will this candidate do in your particular business? What kind of impact…


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Optimal Timing

The hiring manager comes to you and says I need this and I need it yesterday. That’s typical, but definitely not optimal. If you need it right now, it’s late, and you’re at a disadvantage. This leads to mediocre hires, maybe even bad hires. Mediocre hires build mediocre businesses. Bad hires…..well, you know the rest.

If the long range plan is that you will need someone with xyz qualifications, but there is no plan in place to get to the point where the business really needs that…


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