Innovative Technologies and Strategies that are Changing Recruitment at Its Core

To gain an important competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, you must leverage the proper strategies, which should be both different and better compared to your niche competitors’. Just like in any business, to gain competitive advantage means to stand out from the crowd, to think out-of-the-box, and to display a better value proposition to your prospects – whether they are B2B clients or B2C customers.

So whether you’re a B2B or B2C business owner, webmaster, or recruiter, pay very close attention. When you act “differently”, you will attract more attention because you’ll be remarked. This way, you may successfully recruit the top talents in your industry and ultimately improve your company’s value. It’s been proved that 15% of the employees who had a pleasurable hiring experience will put more effort at work, improving their efficiency and results.

So how can you act differently and offer a great recruitment experience? Firstly, you should become accustomed to the innovative approaches. Recruiting, like any other industry, it’s constantly changing. When you fall behind with the trends, you’ll miss lots of fruitful opportunities.

Secondly, you must gather the personal power and grow the initiative to act. Then, just act. Every “method”, technology, trend, or software won’t be of any use if you fail to take action.

In today’s post, we have compiled a useful list of innovative recruitment strategies and technologies that are presently shifting the recruitment industry and environment. Innovation is one of the keys to a successful HR performance, along with resourcefulness and proactivity. Growing these qualities while staying up to speed with everything new will allow you to dominate your niche’s recruitment market in no time!

1.    Recruiting is Now Mostly Digital


I bring no news – the world is shifting, and the digital environment becomes even more concrete and necessary in almost every area of our lives. Whether we want to communicate, get information, or connect professionally, we must turn to our smart gadgets and perform our search/work/etc. online.

Therefore, most of the recruitment processes will soon become interconnected electronically. Recruiting digitally changes the game forever, as you will be able to measure, predict, and optimize your recruitment campaigns. Moreover, you also get access to hundreds and thousands of smart recruitment digital tools that can significantly improve your recruiting performance by automating and simplifying your tasks.

2.    Employer Brand Reputation is Critical


Here’s the truth. Every company and brand that wants to thrive in their industry must establish trust. Trust among the customers, and trust among the employees. As everything turns digital, finding information and honest reviews about a company on the web are quite easy. Now companies that are offering bad experiences to their employees will have a severely damaged reputation in the long term.

That is why the employer’s brand reputation is critical today. It has been even proved that you can reduce your employee turnover by 28% just by properly investing in your employer’s brand image. Always test the allocation of your budget. When you know where your budget pays off the best, double the sum and keep optimizing.

3.    The Popularity and Efficiency of VR Recruiting Grows


Most successful brands will develop high-quality videos that will generate arousal and curiosity amongst their job candidates. Videos are mostly used because they can convey messages in a very short amount of time. They’re also efficient because the viewers will better remember a video than a text they’ve read.

As technology progresses, virtual reality is currently exploding, especially in the recruitment and the HR field. Instead of giving your future employees “a feeling” of how your company is through a video, you can now develop incredibly powerful VR applications that will express that “feeling” in a much stronger manner.

General Mills (video) and The British Army (video) have already implemented VR technology in their recruitment process, offering an incredible sight of detail and realism to their job candidates. Check those videos out just to see how effective VR technology is when it comes to showcasing employees’ future experience at the job.

4.    Alternative Digital Recruiting


Any type of recruiting leads to the same outcome: the hiring of industry talents. Therefore, leveraging social media channels for spreading recruiting calls, amongst others, is a very popular and effective way to speed up your recruiting process. Luckily, recruitment professionals and company leaders can simply access LinkedIn in order to reach a wide audience of potential candidates.

LinkedIn is a social network designed for professionals only. LinkedIn’s popularity is constantly growing, and so the “fish in the sea” are also becoming more numerous. Here are some successful examples of several brands who used alternative digital recruiting to find quality prospects:

McDonald's got into Snapchat and they used a super-efficient strategy to appeal to the young prospective employees. Goldman Sachs has also leveraged Spotify in order to appeal to their target demographics which consisted of music lovers.

 It’s quite simple. Find out where your prospects hang out and make your appearance. Do it softly, non-intrusively, offering innovative recruitment experiences. Here is the process: brainstorm, think out-of-the-box, carefully analyze your crazy ideas, and ultimately put them into practice. Repeat the process and you’ll soon find “gold” opportunities that’ll change the way you recruit.

5.    Text-Based Interviews with the Use of Chatbots


Text-based interviews have become increasingly popular, as they seem extremely time and cost efficient. Smart, digital recruitment Chatbots are now replacing the jobs of human employees. You can strategically program a bot so he asks, answers, and delivers messages to your prospects, without you even having to touch it.

Since most of the young prospective candidates use their mobile phones to perform various tasks and operations, chat-interviewing is becoming a significant method of approach that big companies such as Aegis Worldwide are adopting.

Imagine this example. You have high recruitment expectations and you want your candidates to be the best. In order to save your time, energy, and money, you can organize a text-based online interview that will have your prospects respond to a series of questions. Even though it may take longer to find your ideal job candidates, you’ll know that every prospect that you call for a face-to-face meeting will probably impress in positive ways.



We cannot speak of a “future of recruiting” because that future is happening right now. As you’re reading this article, thousands of people are working on new technologies, apps, and solutions for the HR field. Recruiting was, is, and always will be an essential factor of any respectable company. Therefore, what you can best do is keep yourself up to speed with the latest industry news while consistently optimizing your present methods.

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