Is Big Data a Good Recruiting Tool?

The recruiting process can get pretty complicated, especially when multiple applicants with varying work backgrounds are vying for the same position.

Luckily, big data is helping recruiters and hiring managers’ better stay on top of job applications.

With job seeking data management in mind, here are just a few ways big data is a good recruiting tool for businesses like yours:

Application Processing

If you post your open position on job boards, chances are your business will receive a multitude of applications.

The question is how does your business effectively and efficiently sift through all the incoming applications to find the most ideal candidate for the position?

Well, the answer is big data.

With big data management, your hiring managers can process all the details in each candidate's application quickly and accurately.

From résumé highlights to contact information for previous employers, big data helps your business make sense of the influx of applications during the recruitment process.

Seeking Out Job Seekers

Sometimes posting positions on job boards doesn't result in the kind of talent you're looking for.

In cases such as this, your business needs to pound the digital pavement in order to find potential candidates. Big data can help in this area too.

By taking a big data approach to recruiting, your hiring department can scour the Internet in order to find prospects that are suited for the job.

Big data can assist your business in tracking down the right candidates by searching resources like personal blogs and social media accounts on sites such as Linkedin and Facebook.

Applicant Testing

Although an applicant may seem like the right fit on paper, their real world skills could be lacking.

As the following article notes, “Stay focused on the big data bottom line” by using data analyzing to test potential employees. By doing so, your business will find employees who are ready for anything the job throws their way.

More and more HR departments are using tests and comprehensive skill assessments to ensure candidates will live up to their résumés.

Big data helps in this process by analyzing test results in order to find work patterns and skill sets that are consistent with the position at hand.

Job Board Analytics

Your employees are only as good as the recruiting techniques you use to acquire them. Big data is helping businesses improve their job board notifications by analyzing the way in which candidates interact with postings.

Big data analyzing not only tracks employee application response rates, it also uncovers click response trends within the posting itself.

This helps your business discover exactly what attracts potential candidates to your job board notifications, which allows you to improve your recruiting efforts.

Employment Forecast

Staying ahead of the employee curve is the key to business success.

However, predicting when and how many new employees your business will need in the future is impossible - unless you enlist the help of big data.

That's right, in-house big data analytics can help your business better forecast when new positions will become available.

By tracking and comparing your business's growth with specific positions within your company, you'll know exactly when to gear up for the next recruitment cycle.

When big data and recruiting join forces, it results in qualified candidates finding their way to your business.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including human resources and data management.

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