Is Botox really the answer to my Job Hunt?


Is Botox really the answer to my job search?

More often than not, age is not what is stopping you from getting the job. Attitude, energy and selling yourself as the perfect candidate will.

I recently had a candidate email me his resume. In his introduction email, he wrote:

I am in desperate need of employment.”

It was interesting because his resume told me a different story. It detailed many successes and career achievements. But it was his introduction email, his 15 second pitch that was lack luster. No energy or enthusiasm. In fact, a statement like this could be what’s eliminating him from being considered for future roles.

Keep this in mind when interviewing for job or contacting a potential hiring manager:

1. Being desperate is not a good reason to hire you.

2. Being the perfect candidate for the job is a good reason to hire you.

How will you position yourself when given the opportunity to interview for a role? When the hiring manager asks you why you’d be a good fit, what is your answer?

99% of the placements I make are without ever seeing the person first. My impressions are based solely on background, ability, our conversations, interviews, references and our direct correspondence. With regards to physical appearance, my only concern will be that you arrive to your interview dressed appropriately and are well groomed.

Just this morning a candidate said to me:

“Wow, you have a lot of energy. It’s like you could jump out of the phone.”

I know it doesn’t sound flattering, the idea that I could possibly jump out of a phone, but as under the weather as I feel today with a cold, the fact that I can still convey a sense enthusiasm and be upbeat gives me a sense of pride regardless of the age I feel.

Recently a friend told me that she is considering Botox as she approaches an milestone age. I found it so shocking that she would consider such measures so she responded to my dismay with a great big smile and pointed to the smile lines on her face.

Smile lines are good and will only increase your chances of landing the job. Read my earlier post on the importance of the “smile”. After all, isn’t attitude everything? It will be your lack luster and inability to correctly position yourself as the right person for the job that will cost you.

The moral is:

“Don’t spend your money on Botox, hire a solid Career Coach/Strategist instead. Not only will it cost much less but it’s painless and will have a lasting effect.”

So, tell me what is costing you the job?

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Comment by Sally Raade on November 8, 2008 at 2:19am
It's something to think about. If you really don't want lines on your have one option. but
I rather have the lines on my face. Life is challenging but then again, if it was easy, we would all be
just like cats..just sleep all day and be awake just enough to eat and spend a couple of hours just playing with your toys.......
Comment by Heather Gardner on November 8, 2008 at 11:31am
@Sally I much prefer smile lines myself and would never consider otherwise. As with wine, we only get better with age (experience). Now a good old fashioned chemical peel, I can do :-) Just kidding! I was only using botox as an analogy. Your cat one is good!


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