Is Your Resume Weak? How to Identify, Correct and Strengthen Your Approach

Whether they are working in a small company or in a multi-national one, whether they are engineers, or doctors, or professors, or factory workers, they all submitted a copy of their resume to the company they wanted to work with. 

But why not all jobseekers get the jobs they want despite submitting their resume to the company of their dream job?  

Disclaiming internal factors on the side of the company, the strength of the resume is one big factor why most jobseekers cannot land on the type of jobs that they want. 

The resume, also known as curriculum vitae, is your initial access to get a job. It reflects the first impression that you want to leave to your future employer. Hence, if you forward a resume without a lasting mark, you are more likely not to receive a call for a job interview.

Is your resume weak? How would you know? 

Basically, your resume can provide you two things. First, it will give you job interviews then second, it will eventually lead you to get a job. But if your resume is weak, you cannot get either of these two.

Your professional resume should be the summary of all your personal background, skills, and accomplishments. Almost all resumes have these details. But your potential employer can easily pinpoint what’s wrong with your resume that will cause your application to be rejected. So to prevent that from happening, you should be able to identify those things yourself.

You will know that your resume is weak if it possesses any of the following common mistakes:

1. Inaccurate Objective Statement. 

The first thing that your potential employer will look into is your banner headline. Most weak resumes have a copy paste objective statement from other resumes. Yes, we can see a lot of samples online but that doesn’t mean that we can copy them as it is. The implication of copying statement of others is the inaccuracy due to:

· Your target position might be different from theirs

· Even if you have the same position title, your field of work might be different from theirs.

2. Inappropriate Use of Spacing.

Maximize the resume pages with contents instead of white spaces. If you can make your resume fits into one to two pages only, that would be better, unless you really have long list of accomplishments. 

3. Old Style Resume Format.

There are many sample templates online but make sure that these templates will only serve as your guidelines. Following the exact template as it is will only make your resume similar to others. Leave a resume with unique but appropriate format. 

How to correct and strengthen your resume’s approach?

Now that you know the weakness of your resume, it is now time to correct those mistakes and end up with a strong resume.

You may start with the following strategies:

1. Make a powerful objective statement.

Make your statement personalized. Make it brief but relay your specific target. Your potential employer should be able to know what position you are applying for and if that matches their need. 

2. Highlight your skills and accomplishments.

Utilize the use of bullet list to showcase your best achievements. Use only short phrases or keywords that will emphasize your skills that will match the position you are applying for.

3. Customize the content of your resume.

Hence, don’t use the same resume when applying to different companies. 

The chance of getting your dream job is higher if your resume is strong enough to attract potential employers. Therefore, start fixing your resume now following the above-mentioned guidelines and be successful in reaching your dream job. 

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