It’s Time to Automate Intelligently in Recruiting

In order to have a successful recruitment marketing strategy, you are going to have a lot of moving parts and tasks that are fundamental to your strategy.  From job distributionto sourcing to social recruiting to screening candidates, your recruiters will spend their valuable time making sure these important tasks are done correctly as to have the best results possible.


But your recruiters can’t do everything and finding ways to automate and reduce the time associated with these tasks is an important goal for any recruiting organization.  The key is to make sure you automate these processes intelligently as all automation is not the same.  You need to make sure the automation you put in place enables you to perform as close as possible as doing it manually would do.


Some activities can’t (or maybe I should say shouldn’t) be automated.  For instance, candidate screening while it may be enhanced with technology should always be done by your recruiters in person.


However, there are a number of functions that can be automated that can help drive your recruiting efforts.  Here are the big 2:


Job Distribution:Job posting is probably one of the most time consuming parts of the recruiting process.  While many organizations don’t post jobs manually anymore and use technology services to post jobs, many of these solutions provide further automation to take job posting off of your recruiters plates.

The key is to find a solution that enables you to post to the correct recruiting destinations for each specific job opportunity you have (whether it’s for a marketing professional or an engineers).  As posting for these different job categories will require different recruiting mixes.  Find a solution that intelligently automates your job distribution and provides recruiting metricsfor all these postings.

Build Your Talent Network: Whether directly in your recruiting process or via your Recruitment SEOsite, there are a number of ways to capture recruiting contacts in your recruiting process.  The key is to make sure you have opt-in forms available on all recruiting portals where your employer brand comes into contact with potential candidates.

This will help you continuously build your Talent Network without any extra labor.  And with this Talent Network you will be able to engage with potential candidates and increase your overall applicant flow for all future job positions.

To make these candidates more valuable to your database, you may also want to ask a few screening questions to get more information for evaluation & engagement.  Or connect with them after they opt-in to ask for more information on their skills.

Automating certain activities in the recruiting process can help your recruiters get more done and more importantly drive success in your recruiting strategy.  The important part is making sure that you automate the right processes and your automation is done intelligently so you don’t lose the value in these activities.


This automation will enable your recruiters to focus on more important recruiting tasks.

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Comment by Tim Spagnola on February 2, 2012 at 10:19am

I agree that all recruiters want to save time or rather have a bit of extra time to make those few extra calls in any given day,  but you are right Chris in stressing that not every function in the recruiting process is deemed to be worthy of automating. As you also point out it is not a question of can't but more as shouldn't. The human touch element is tried and true and without it? What are we all really doing?

I am curious though with regards to the candidate blackhole. Chris Russell posted a great example of an auto response last week, but curious what other tools some might be using in automating this part of the process when simply overrun by resumes for a newly posted job. Some of the standard letters automated from one's ATS just seem rather cold and are almost equal to the silence that is undeserving for the candidate simply taking the time to learn more.

Comment by Chris Brablc on February 3, 2012 at 10:41am

Thanks for the comment, Tim!

I agree on the candidate blackhole conversation.  Auto response can be a good way to at least engage with candidates in an automated fashion and most importantly set expectations for the recruiting process and any other interactions you may have with them (if you might never get back to them, mention that in your response.)

The SmartRecruiters Blog had a good post on this:

I liked how they used their social profiles as a way to continue interacting with candidates.


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