Job Markets That Are in Need People and Willing To Pay

To lead a good life, one requires a secure job. There are many job opportunities in the market today. An individual should choose a job that suits his/her preferences. This is not however always possible. Securing a good job can be hectic at times. This is common when there are lower opportunities in the market than the applicants. An individual encountered with such a scenario should not give up. Instead, he/she should look out for jobs that have general requirements. Some jobs are projected to increase massively by 2024. These jobs include:

  1. Nursing

The nursing sector is one of the professions that continually recruit a lot of employees. With, the increased improvements in the healthcare, this sector is projected to continue growing. There is a projection that by the year 2024, the nursing sector in the country will have about 439,300 more nurses. Without nurses, it would be impossible to give efficient healthcare. There are three main types of nurses who are currently required by health institutions. They include

(i) Nursing assistant.

The role of a nursing is to provide personal care for the patients. Nursing assistants serve foods and drinks to the patients, washes their clothes and ensure that their hygiene is maintained. A nursing assistant earns an average annual salary of about $28,726. Nursing assistant jobs are projected to increase by 17.6% by the year 2024. To qualify for this job, one requires a high school diploma. A working experience of about two years in the same role is also required.

(ii) Licensed practical nurses.

A licensed practical nurse helps in the administration of care to the patient. A licensed practical nurse usually works under a registered nurse. These jobs are projected to increase by 16.3% by 2024. A licensed practical nurse earns an average annual salary of $45,932. To qualify for this job, an applicant should have a high school diploma. The applicant should also be certified as a licensed nurse. He/she should be well versed in practices and procedures of nursing.

(iii) Registered nurse

A registered nurse is tasked with helping the physician in treatment administration. The nurse also advises the patient and the relatives on the measures to undertake to aid healing. This job requires an associate degree. Registered nurses earn an annual salary of about $59,358. These jobs are expected to grow by 16% by 2024.

  1. Computer systems analysts

We are living in an era where almost everything is computerized. The market is therefore very open to those who possess computer analyst skill. The numbers of required employees in this sector are ever increasing as most people have migrated to computer usage. It is projected that by 2024, about 118,600 new computer system analyst jobs will be created. The role of computer systems analysts is to analyze and modify computer programming systems. This is done through encoding, testing, and program installations. An applicant with a computer and IT related course should apply for this job. An individual who in addition to having an IT background enrolls for QA training and placement courses has an added advantage. Employees in this sector earn an average annual salary of about $58,478.

  1. Electricians.

This sector is also expected to experience a large shortage of employees due to the ever-increasing invention of new electrical appliances. An electrician is required for repair and maintenance of these devices. Electricians also install circuits in homes as well as other devices and equipment that require electrical expertise. An electrician earns an average annual salary of about $46,020. It is projected that by 2024, there will be about 85,900 new electrician jobs. This is a 13.7 % increase. To qualify for this job, an applicant should have a high school diploma or its equivalent qualification. An experience of about two years is required.

The job projections are indicators that in the future there will be numerous opportunities available. It is therefore advisable to always check these areas where job increase in projected. Constant checking of these jobs will ensure that the applicant has a higher chance of getting a job.

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