Jobster calling on desperate measures?

So the economy isn't doing very well, that's putting it lightly, and the 55 million Jobster had in funding is fading fast? What do you do now? Apparently you turn to interstitial ads and anything that will bring in cash.

Where do you draw the line? At this point Jobster has already hemorrhaged tens of millions of dollars and some incredible talent while, in the end, creating nothing remotely special. When do you turn to methods, like interstitial ads, that have already proven to create more of a negative impact on your product or service than what the user needs?

How can you honor your users, clients, and employees by allowing this type of "revenue generator" to seep into the very fabric of your product?

I'm giving Jobster the proverbial UFC-style "beat down" for this decision, although how many others have succumbed during desperate times? Moreover how many are currently poised to succumb in this economy of desperation?

Or do we lose the values system mumbo jumbo and fall back to the old adage "Desperate times call for desperate measures"? ...or has it changed to "Desperate times call for coupons"?

Can we lump JobFox's newest "charging of the job seeker" as an act of desperation?

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Comment by Maureen Sharib on January 16, 2009 at 2:38am
I had a call from a Monster representative last night - the call sounded like it was coming from India- I tried to explain to the accented individual that I was a phone sourcer and do not nor have I ever "used" job boards and that I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to navigate one - and that I appreciated his call and I was feeding the baby and had to go...none-the-less he pressed me for information on what a sourcer "was". Sheesh.

I 'splained it best I could and said "I have to go - thank you for calling." Wonder if he got the message.
Comment by Ryan Leary on January 16, 2009 at 1:20pm
What is a sourcer? It's funny how the BD people simply have not a clue. Heck, I think you shoul dpush to have Sourcer added to the dictionary. It's annoying that MSword, still does not recognize the word.... A firend of mine just joined RBC - "Bri-guy" recently downsized from Careerbuilder... He has some interesting stories...
Comment by Slouch on January 16, 2009 at 9:59pm
Chad, we need to connect.


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