Lethargic Last Quarter: A Recipe for Failure

Get the competitive advantage! The year already feels like it is winding down so many of us lay off the job hunt. Though tempting, a lazy last quarter will not lead to success in the coming year. Now is a better time than ever to ramp up your job search and stay on top of your network. Here are some tips for staying productive:


Find a Job Search Mentor

Whether this is a recruiter or someone you already know, reach out to someone to support you in your job search. In the process of taking your next career step, it is easy to lose traction without direction or help along the way. In this last quarter, make sure you are connected with someone to help you make your next career move.


Meet and Greet

Ritika Trikha, CareerBliss Writer, offers the Top 10 Sites for Professional Networking Events. Don’t spend too much of your down time in this holiday season sending your resume into the infamous black hole. Get out there and be proactive in meeting new people. The hidden job market cannot be tapped unless you talk to people with an insider perspective; or talk to someone who knows someone with an insider perspective. You get the idea.


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Volunteer work is easy to come by during the holidays and community involvement is a great asset to have on your resume. If you haven’t volunteered anywhere before, just do a quick online search for volunteer opportunities in your area and you’re certain to find a plethora of options. If you want to be more strategic about it, think of a place that focuses its services on a skill, industry or population that you’ve pondered on your career path. You never know who you could meet.


Keep an Open Mind

Don’t get the “I’ll start looking again in the coming year” attitude and add to the list of New Years’ resolutions. It is easy for all job seekers to dismiss the thought of a new opportunity and focus on making it through the holidays. Knock restarting the job hunt off your list for the coming year and always keep your ears and options open.


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In this last quarter and holiday season, we dismiss the need to stay productive. Our career search should be unbounded to boost the possibility of the right opportunity. Make the coming year easier on yourself by keeping consistent and maintaining job search stamina. Put these tips into action to get the competitive advantage and stay on the fast track to a paramount career.


Happy Hunting!

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Comment by Ryan Leary on November 14, 2012 at 2:55am

I agree with a lot of things here but curious as to why everyone always pushes to volunteer. I understand the premise and believe in volunteer work but I have never heard of a mid career person volunteering to landing a job. I just feel that time could be spent generating revenue in other ways if you are out of work.

Comment by Tiffany Branch on November 14, 2012 at 9:53am

Volunteering is another form of networking. People can actually see your abilities and you never know where it can lead. I always encourage job seekers (especially those who aren't working) to volunteer. It also keeps you productive. When someone isn't working, it is good to have an outlet.


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