Life lesson from The Manor of Thinking.....A Return on the quest of Outside the Box Promotion

What I’ve Learned from Others Today:

Trust your gut instinct; if the project that you are contemplating seems solid- Move ahead; This works in both your personal and professional life. There is only one person who will allow anything to happen , good or bad.. and that is YOU. The holder of the magic key is you; all that is possible to achieve just takes but a second to dream and a lifetime to express
Make sure you believe in yourself. Lets face it, if you don’t believe what you are either saying or doing….chances are real good you won’t be able to sell anyone else on your ideas either
The best representative in your brand or reputation is ….. YOU!! This means every decision you make will lead to something and placing the blame on others because you suffer a setback is wrong. At the end of the day no one will take responsibility for you; so now you need to pony up and accept all responsibility, good or ill. The only thing in this life that is truly yours is your reputation. The better you think of yourself; The better others may think of you; The more others may wish to be around you.
Personal Branding is Key! Every decision you make reflects on you and your image! Really! If you don’t take the time to carefully mull the decisions over before you make them; then it is possible (and really probable) that you will repeat all the mistakes of others
Commit to yourself that every motion will somehow move your forward. You may end up at the destination later than planned, but you will get there.
Stop living for others and start living for you. This is really the toughest to achieve, because all of us care about how we are thought of, and what impression we will leave behind, But at the end of the day its best that we leave others to live their own lives and just worry about our own.
Every morning ask yourself: Am I going to give everything my absolute best today? If not, please roll over, take a 15 minute snooze break and start over with that question. HINT: anything less than your best is second rate—You do deserve better.
Time is the most valuable resource you own. Once it has been given away, you can’t take it back so really try to put the best foot forward every single day.
You can find all the answers . Try looking in the last place you expect to find them and chances are, thats where they will be.
Never be too afraid to get a second opinion. After all, its just an opinion and you don’t have to follow it.
Live every moment to its fullest. I know this is banal and over-used….. We really don’t know how long we will be around; and living a life with regrets or could-have-beens isn’t acceptable to others, so it shouldn’t be acceptable for you.
This is what I feel was the lesson of the day. I hope someone can take something out of this and share it with others…..The world will be a much better place!!

This is both a good time and a good day to get my mojo back. Thanks for reading.

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